Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lu Gang Cafe.... the second time around

It has been a busy week, and we take another trip to one of our favorite Chinese food places, Lu Gang Cafe in Greenhills.  Yes, after all this time I get to taste the wonderful recipes that Lu Gang has to offer... and first on the list Xiao Long Bao ( P158).  I am glad to say, the service is still impeccable, Xiao Long Bao came in hot and smelling good, and yes the rich flavor and the juicy soup oozing out is yummy.  What I just hate is that why Xiao Long Bao so addicting.
Well, we have to try something else right?  The Crispy Chicken (P 480).  What's missing here is the other half of the chicken, haha the chicken was there in a second, then gone in a whilst.  The chicken dish got its name because of its uber crispy chicken skin, and very tender meat.  The chicken should have been proud.
Next dish that we tried was the Spicy Dory in clay pot (P 320), yes it was full of flavor, fish was soft and tender and ohh so delish.  I kept on munching on it.  Instead of using the usual Lapu-Lapu fish fillet, Dory fish was used to add more of the essence of fish on the dish.  It amazes me how a simple combination of pepper and spice can make dory fish so extraordinary, this is another must order list on my next visit.
Next in line, the fun and fruity shakes that definitely made the evening more interesting.  On the left,  Blended Mango and Sago Coconut Milk, P130 and on the right, Jelly in Mango and Coconut Milk, P130.  You would notice how coconut milk is used to bring out the flavor of the mango in both these wonderful drinks, I am not fond of mangoes but my friends love them a lot, so even if the mango used was kinda sour the coconut milk balances it out. Giving it a 100% sureness of being sweet.

This next drink, was the talk of the night, everybody was saying hey does it taste good? Is it a perfect blend? Does it tickle your senses? and What is that drink that you ordered?

What did I have? Cranberry Juice with mango and sago P130.  It was just a simple blend of juices and puree but it was one of the best blend that I had.  Considering I am having this in a Chinese Restaurant is quite a pleasant surprise.

To end the night, we were treated to two yummy desserts namely Peanut Smoothy P160 (left), and Bellagio Breeze (right).  The Peanut Smoothy was a favorite among others but I personally ehem don't like it, maybe its because I am not a fan of peanut butter?? Maybe.  But on the other hand the Bellagio Breeze was a total knockout, from mongo beans to the white beans to the finely shaved ice.. oh heaven.  And its even good to share.  Sarap and Sulit!!! Definitely a must try dessert.  What do you know dinner is finished and we look forward to another day of eating, i mean another day of living.  See you guys at some place to eat soon...

Lugang Café
116 Connecticut St.
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines
(632) 721 9100/ (632) 570 9011

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  1. All of them looks good and tasty especially the Bellagio Breeze. I want to eat it. :9

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