Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fresh Finds at SM Hypermarket

Discovering Fresh Finds at SM Hypermarket

     One of the great things about shopping at SM Hypermarket is the modern wet market, where cooks of all levels enjoy a different market-shopping experience in a cool, clean environment, stocked with the freshest meat, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables and BFAD-approved meat products, at prices which are even fresher.

     All produce are quality checked for proper handling and food safety, and customers can be assured of their correct weight with our “Tamang-Timbang” weighing scales. Packed ready-to-eat fruits, as well as vegetable packs which are grouped according to recipe such as Pinakbet and Nilaga and top-sellers at the wet market.  They also include Chicken Pandan, Breaded Porkchop, Steak Burgers and Yakiniku Beef – all ready to be cooked and savoured.  They also provide services like Coconut Grating for those special dishes, Fish Cleaning and Preparation according to your exact specifications, and a Salad Bar with the freshest greens and fruits ready for picking.

     Quality and freshness and lots of choices. SM Hypermarket has got it all covered also available are other food storage recipes as well.  From live tilapia and large Lapu-lapu, Salmon, Maya-maya and Tanigue to a myriad of herbs are always available in the store that can be used to whip up anything that you may want and crave.
     This summer, get a taste of SM Hypermarket’s new Fresh Finds featuring:
Hainanese Chicken – a taste of Singapore right in your own home. 

So tender from the land down under – choice Australian Lamb cuts

Scallops and sea cucumber for that exquisite seafood dish. 
    Frozen delights and Japanese ice cream – a great way to end a sumptuous meal.  Visit SM Hypermarket for an eye-opening (and tummy-filling) adventure into the fresh food offerings in the store.

        Of course, the Fresh Section is but one of many in SM Hypermarket that add up to a total shopping experience – Groceries, Appliances, Furniture, Toys, Apparel plus Bills Payment, Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer.  At SM Hypermarket you can Have it All! 
    Chef Jeremy Favia gave us a great show of his cooking skills, as well as his delicious recipes and what's best is that we got to taste his delectable creations...
    Carrot and Pumpkin Soup
    Mushroom stuffed Red Capsicums
    3-Spinach patties
    or 1 big Spinach patty
    Gardenia Tuna Maki Rolls

    Thank you SM Hypermarket for inviting us to experience quality and freshness at its finest.  Below are some of the recipes that SM Hypermarket has shared to us.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Lenten treats from Yoshinoya - Bangus Kabayaki

    Lenten treats from Yoshinoya and Century Bangus

    A group of foodie bloggers were invited to sample Yoshinoya's new offering for the Lenten season.  We were treated to a showcase of foods, delighting our senses with the wonderful scent of their new creations.  It was a one of a kind experience, as we were shown the way, why Bangus, the national fish of the Philippines, can be made so versatile.  

    With so many bangus breeders in the market today, one stands out and I believe is the best in terms of quality and freshness, and that is Century Bangus.  Yoshinoya, the best Japanese fast food chain in the country, and known nationwide because of their famous beef bowls "Gyudon", and also under the stewardship of Century Pacific Corp. which is the maker of Century Bangus, teamed up to make Bangus, a favorite amongst Filipinos, an extraordinary part of the Filipino palette.  And thus with that in mind, along came.... Yoshinoya's Century Bangus Kabayashi.

    Yoshinoya Century Bangus Kabayaki (P140)

    This is one Bangus dish, I would definitely be back for, affordably priced and definitely a good deal.  The bangus was so firm and fresh and no soiled taste.  It is lightly breaded, deep fried and mixed with special Kabayaki sauce, served atop steamed rice with beansprouts.  Normally bangus dishes only pass by me, but having a taste of this made me realize one thing.  It is always best to give food another try.  What might not taste good for you now, might be your favorite food the next time around.
    Next up, from last year's line up of Lenten treat comes Shrimp Katsu (P140). It is deep fried breaded shrimp patties with mixed vegetables served in a jumbo plate.  You can also get this at P185 in Jumbo plate with Beef Bowl.  Well, if you don't like bangus then you can go for this, but for me personally, I don't like eating patties of any kind at all that you blend with rice, It just doesn't seem to match.  But for this, I would say just order the Bangus Kabayashi, you will never go wrong with it.

    The Chefs of Century Culinary Circle together with Yoshinoya also featured to us the versatility of the bangus in 3 specially made dishes that night.

     Starting off with Century Bangus Salad with caramelized pear and walnuts.

    Had a unique blend of herbs and spices which made it more flavorful.  Add the fresh bangus cubes made it all the more perfect.

    Next up is Century Bangus and Kani Burrito.

    It is really a delight for me to see the creativity of the Filipino in making dishes, and it amazes me how a simple bangus can be made to be such a flavorful dish as this is.

    It goes to show how the Japanese culture has been infused into our cooking.
    Last but not the least, Century Bangus and Farfalle A la Genovese
    Italian-inspired pesto creation, delicious pasta and of course tasteful bangus.

    Thank you Yoshinoya and Century Pacific Corp. makers of  Century Bangus, and special appreciation for Ms. Rowena of http://animetric.blogspot.com/ for inviting us over for a wonderful night of food and discovery.

    Lastly, I would like to let you know that other the Century Bangus Belly line, which is used in making the Bangus Kobayashi, there are also Century Bangus Chunks, Century Bangus Sisig, Century Quality Premium Boneless Bangus and some variations that include Century Quality Premium Boneless Bangus Tocino.  The Bangus tocino I have tried and testifies, is one I'll be putting on my shopping list from now on.  All these are now available at your favorite groceries and supermarkets.

    So grab one now and taste the freshness of Century bangus.  You will always crave for more.

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Love it at Cold Spoon...

    Love and a lots of it at Cold Spoon

    There are 3 refreshing treats I would consider healthy.  The first would be coffees, second would be green tea, and last but not the least yogurt.

    Coffees, why? because it is high in antioxidants that can prevent or slow oxidative damage to our body.  Even though it has good effects on the body, it should be taken in moderation as well, as said too much of everything is not good for your body.  But what I missed most would be the espressos that we had at our tour in Europe recently, not just any espresso but Essse Coffee espressos, which were roasted by the famous Mr. Segafredo.  Perfect to start the day.

    Green Tea, just like coffee is also high in antioxidants, and a staple for others after a delicious meal.  Green tea is already known worldwide to have so many benefits to the body that, green tea drinks and all forms of green tea refreshments have been made by dozens of beverage companies worldwide to cater to a growing number of green tea drinkers.
    Now, for yogurt, I hate yogurt.  I hate the taste of yogurt. I just can't seem to like even any flavor that is out on the market.  Sorry for all those yogurt lovers, it's just not my cup to tea.   But then came frozen yogurt, which totally changed my thinking of yogurt.  Though the two are totally different, they do share almost the same benefits, such as high in antioxidants, has live lactobacili, rich in calcium and vitamin C.  I have had my rounds at different frozen yogurt selling stalls and shops, but one definitely stands out Cold Spoon.

    Some of you maybe familiar with Cold Spoon, but most I would believe are not, why?  Because it is not in Manila, sad to say.  Cold Spoon is in Angeles City.  It is a treasure amongst the bustling city of Angeles City, though they are situated quite far from the center, it is still worth every effort to try out this place.

    The first time that I tried this place was at the recent Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Field with The club, and they had been wanting to go Cold Spoon, so I was curious and asked where it was, then I found out that it was just 5 mins. away from by brother-in-law's house, and all the time it was there and I wasn't able to have a taste of it.  Maybe I was not paying any attention at all.

    Well let's leave it at that, so time came when we all got together to take a taste of this much talked about yogurt place.  Browsing on their menu, they serve small (P60), medium (P90), large (P150) with toppings ranging from P15 - P25. I was quite skeptical at first since you know me I hate yogurt, not being so obvious I tried the medium one, tried the Oreo topping, got my first taste and ummm,  I fell in love with it instantly!

    I can't imagine myself saying out loud, WOW! This is by far the best or in my case the only frozen yogurt I will ever eat again, well maybe until something better than Cold Spoon comes along, if and when it may happen.

    As I was savoring every bit of frozen yogurt I was taking in, I kept thinking of ordering another one, and with another set of toppings, but I was really trying to control myself, and believe me Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt is really hard to resist.

    But for the mean time, I will be looking forward to my next trip back to Angeles and to be back for another round of frozen yogurt at Cold Spoon.  Next toppings to try Butter Finger!!

    Cold Spoon is located along Fil-Am Highway.  After entering Clark, exit friendship gate, then follow the road, when you get to an intersection go right, you will notice so many Korean restaurants and shops all over, just go straight until you reach another intersection, a small gas station is on the left, go straight and cross the intersection, after about 500 meters, slow down and face left, there you will find Cold Spoon.

    If you get lost, you can call Darwin Canda, the operations manager of Cold Spoon Frozen yogurt at 0918-2709133 or the owner Joan (she is Korean) at 0918-5680134 to guide you with directions to their place.  Hope to see you sometime here soon.  I can assure you I will be back here soon enough.

    And one more thing they got drive-thru!! Isn't that nice?

    Location Map, thanks to Google Maps for this.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Ninyo's Fusion Cuisine salutes the graduates with "grADUets"

    The Graduation Spécial

    Savor the sweetness of success, Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    Surf & Turf Dégustation
    4 different menu choices starting at Php595++ (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, Honorable Mention)

    FREE dUet of Oysters*
    Baked & Fried Oyster Amuse Bouche For Today's Graduates

    A dUet of Wine
    Red & White For Only Php200

    Live Guitar duEt & FREE Jam ♪
    15 year old solo guitarist Abel Estanislao with rhythm guitarist Ed Mendoza serenading you with jazz tunes every Saturday night at the Wine Lounge.  Anyone's free to jam!

    * For every order of Dégustation

    So join us this month (until April 2 only) as we celebrate all your endings & beginnings, failures & successes, challenges & opportunities, ups & downs, hopes & fears.. Santé! Kampai!

    Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge is located at 66 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For reservations, call 4260301/ 09175385813.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Reyes Barbecue now just a call away with City Delivery 87878

    Reyes Barbecue is just a call away 

    Reyes Barbecue is now part of City Delivery’s prestigious line-up of restaurants, giving its customers another option to enjoy delicious Reyes Barbecue meals.

    Now there's only one number you need to remember 87878.  Whenever our appetite calls to nature, just dial City Delivery’s hotline 87878 and you can order your favorite Reyes Barbecue meals, and other mouthwatering menu items fast. You can even have the whole range of Frank’s Sauces delivered to you, What a treat! Just dial 87878!

    Now you can savor Reyes Barbecue delicious meals, anytime, anywhere!!  Call now! 87878!

    Visit City Delivery on the world wide web - http://www.citydelivery.com.ph/

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    King One Rotary Hotpot - Shabu-Shabu the right way

    The Club only recognizes and recommends one great eat-all-you-can Shabu-shabu place.  No other than King One Rotary Hot Pot. 

    This is one food joint we always give priority to, not just because of great food, but great people as well.  Fresh and as always "delicious".

    First thing you will notice, and I would say this is the only shabu-shabu eat-all-you-can place where you will find this, is the rotary belt where all the freshest meats and finest eats are displayed for your taking.

    The rotary belt extends around 40 - 50 feet long, just imagine how many fresh produce is being flashed upon your midst.

    Let me showcase some of them for you.
    Freshly sliced beef

    Sliced fat beef
    Fresh and big shrimps!!
    perfectly sliced Lamb meat
    Pork Siomai
    Sliced Chicken
    There are more than 90++ dishes to choose from, put them together in your choice of soup, either clear broth soup, satay soup, the curry soup, well in our case it was the combination soup, split in the middle, as we have brought along some nieces of ours who, for now does not eat spicy foods that satay soup has to offer.  Not that their satay soup is spicy, well the kids just haven't got the hang of it... but surely one day they will.
    Let it cook to a boil then you're done!  Eating time!!
    My favorites cooked in satay soup, squid balls, shrimp wantons, fish balls and lobster balls!!
    But of course, great food must be paired with a great dipping sauce.  That is how shabu-shabu is appreciated.  So to mix your sauce right, get some garlic, leeks, some chili, the delicious satay sauce and finally King One's special shabu-shabu sauce.  I'm salivating as I'm making this post.  Mmmmm.

    What is nice about this place is that they not only serve shabu-shabu, but also they serve some delicious ala carte foods as well, as far as I can remember they don't serve ala carte dishes on a separate menu.  

    They are more of an add-on to the shabu-shabu promos, so here is how it goes, dine in with 3 of you at least for the shabu-shabu eat-all-you-can, you get to pick 2 dishes from their list, which on our case includes the salt and pepper spare ribs, fried rice and spicy squid, they change this line-up once in a while to have variety.  The more of you that dines, the more dishes you get. Another plus factor is their drink-all-you-can, may it be iced tea or soft drinks for a price of P65, if I'm not mistaken, or try out their other blended fruit shakes.

    Eat-all-you-can price for lunch is P479, and for dinner P529.

    By the way, if you spot these happy faces, do say Hi to them! 
    "The place where you eat, is not just about the food, but the people behind it." - Food alphabet

    M2-A Lower Hobbies of Asia,
    #8 Macapagal Ave.,
    Pasay City
    (632) - 5561370

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