Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pedeli's Gourmet Kitchen : Sandwich Delight

Since we have been talking slabwiches, now let's do something simpler, sandwiches.  Pedeli's Gourmet Kitchen sandwiches that is.  I have been intrigued by Pedeli's for quite sometime, and finally I was able to try their creations, and I'm happy to say, they have made me a fan...

It was one cloudy lunch, as some of "The Club" members were invited to sample Pedeli's Gourmet sandwiches. We were met by the owners Peter "The Sandwich God" Sison and Francisco "EBOY" Bautista.  We were then shown the way how Pedeli came into this world, and it was quite a friendship to behold.  I could definitely say they are made for each other... in business terms that is.

Now for a crash course on what you need to know before picking up that phone and calling Pedeli's, let me show you some of their delectable creations.

The Signature Series
 Crabsticks and Mangoes, P110 [Big], P140 [Bigger]
If you want to know, how big is [Big] and if you can finish a [Bigger], as for my case am already full at [Big], yes they are packed sandwiches, as their driving force states "SIZE DOES MATTER", and it was one hefty serving, a simple California maki in a sandwich with tangy spread, it may be as simple as that but in the hands of Peter and Francisco, they tasted extra special.

The Supreme Series
 Tuna Supreme, P145 [Big], P185 [Bigger]
Tuna Chunks with minced egg, sweet ham and cheese, and a lot more sweet ham, sliced egg and sliced cheeses in 3 whole wheat bread.  This is definitely the healthy choice, with protein-rich tuna, this is definitely for the weight conscious yet packs a full stomach without the guilt.
 Bacon Supreme, P145 [Big], P185 [Bigger]
Bacon bits with everything that you want in your sandwich, this is one of my favorites, the delicious bacon was too much to resist and the taste mmm....... not to worry they only use lean bacon, lesser evil I would say.
 Hungarian Supreme, P 145 [Big], P185 [Bigger]
This came out as a surprise for me as I usually have my sausages in buns, but this was quite exceptional, the Hungarian sausage was to die for, add it up to a great sandwich, then you get one awesome sandwich.  Loved it!

They also have the Deluxe Series which is basically the same as the Supreme Series, but with only 2 whole wheat bread and less cheese, ham and eggs.

Basil Pesto, P 90.00 
with an option to add Chicken or Crabsticks at P40.00
I have to say this to you guys, I am no fan of Pesto, sorry to say, I know a lot of you are Pesto lovers, but I just don't like the taste, but since it looks yummy I gave it taste, and guess what, to my surprise, I loved it! It had an exquisite taste that I honestly can say I love Pesto, well only Pedeli's Basil Pesto that is.
 Creamy Linguine, P 90.00 
also with options on chicken and crabsticks at P40.00
This Creamy Linguine just won an award... well my award of excellence that is. Ha!  No words to describe how good it tastes, just order some and get your fill, I know I will.
 The magic behind Pedeli's Gourmet Kitchen, Peter and Francisco (Eboy).

Try out Pedeli's Gourmet Kitchen, you will be more than fulfilled, I assure you.  I would be back again here to try out their dessert masterpieces such as the Choco fudge with cashews, No bake cheese cake, the Pavlova, the Honey Semifreddo and to cap it all off the classic Flantastic.  I will be back here, definitely.

Before I finish this post, try out their Oatmeal Chip cookies, they can surely melt your heart away.  It's a waste that Pedeli's has only small room to accommodate its guests because of space restrictions, they will definitely expand soon.  But for the mean time, you can always call them for take-out or delivery.   Always remember this, all of Pedeli's sandwiches and food creations are freshly made upon order.  So you can be assured of its tasteful bliss.
You can reach them at (632) 570-9708 for delivery or you may visit them at LG66, Cityland Pioneer, 128 Pioneer St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.  Delivery hours is from 2PM - 11PM.

But wait they currently have a promo online so you may want to visit and take a look at that you can get their set meal worth P605 for only P300.  Ain't that a treat!  Buy now and get the best gourmet sandwiches in town.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I work in Ortigas so maybe I can drop by their soon. :)


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