Monday, January 31, 2011

B&T Mexican Kitchen at Ortigas

B&T, Burritos and Tacos a Mexican place serving fresh Mexican treats and bites, is located at Sekai Building along Ortigas Avenue, and I consider this to be one of the best Mexican food place in Manila.  Just opened a few months, it is slowly growing in the hearts of many Filipinos, and is already packing up quite a fan base with their delicious Mexican treats.  Let me showcase some of them for you.
First up, Chips and Dips P180, wondering why these chips come in three colors?  No, its not the taste, they all taste the same.  But the 3 colors represent the colors of Mexico, didn't thought of you did you?  Well if you did good for you then, the chips were served warmed with 3 kinds of dips, with salsa, melted cheese and my favorite chili con carne.  All of the dips were amazing, from the taste you would it was freshly made and of the best quality... the cheese was very thick which I loved, salsa perfectly mixed and had just the right amount of spice and the chili con carne, not chili enough but gives you quite a kick on the taste buds.
The Mexican Vegetarian Pizza P430, good alternative for those non-beef eaters and our vegetarian friends.
The Mexican Chipotle Chicken Pizza P450, with big chunks of chicken, green pepper and other vegetables and cheese, quite delicious I may say, the crust is perfect to their cooking not too thick nor crispy thin.

There were so many choices of food that were so enticingly good, such as:
 Chicken Mole Meal P 320, is beef chunks covered in rich chocolate and showered with cheese, a favorite of many but I just don't seem to get how this dish was made, but it was quite a treat
 The Carne Asada burger with lettuce and salsa, plus sweet potatoes
 The Carne Asada Torta P340, pure beef pleasure, sided with sweet potatoes.
 Fish Tacos P330 (3 pcs.), a hefty serving of the freshest catch of the sea with all the best ingredients you would want in your taco!!!
This looks yummy too!!

 Shrimp Burrito P350, honestly I am not a fan of Burritos, why?  They are not easy to eat because of the big size, how can you fit it in your mouth..joking aside, just look at how packed that burrito is, with loads of fried shrimp, lettuce, egg bits, corn kernels and so much more. It is definitely a "sulit" dish, I for one cannot finish that so bring a friend to share it with.
 And my favorite for the evening, The Barbacoa Tostada P330 (3 pcs.), the beef used was more on the beef used in making beef stew but much beefier than that, placed on torched tortilla chips and smothered with fresh lettuce and salsa,  I would have another serving of this in a heartbeat.
And for dessert, it was Quesadilla de Fruta P215, love crepe? this is better, torched soft tortilla with bits of peaches and cheese, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, yummy finish to very fulfilling meal.
B&T (Burritos &Tacos) Mexican Kitchen
G/F Sekai Building
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Philippines
Store hours: 11:30AM to 11:30PM
Tel. Number: 975-1850


  1. You had me at your photos. Will visit anytime soon.

  2. You will find more energy from the meat dishes and the dish full of whole beans are going to fill you with fiber. phoenix Mexican restaurant


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