Wednesday, September 28, 2022

October Fiesta returns to Newport World Resorts

Only in the Philippines will the season of celebrations and merry-making begin the moment the -ber months come along. At the country’s premier lifestyle and entertainment destination, the festivities kick-off with the return of Newport World Resort’s October Fiesta — a celebration of the nation’s unique beer-drinking culture.

A well-loved tradition around the world, the Oktoberfest, gets the Filipino fiesta treatment with October Fiesta. Philippine Craft Beers take the spotlight at Newport World Resorts with 13 leading craft brewers showcasing their special beer offerings during the event from September 30 to October 2 at The Plaza 2F Newport Mall. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ and Beyond Meat’s deliciously healthy new offerings

Plant-based products and proteins are given a more delightful and mouth-watering spin as Kenny Rogers Roasters introduces new hearty and healthy dishes, thanks to its partnership with Beyond Meat, one of the world-renowned brands that offer plant-based meat.

This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both brands to offer high quality products, which are aligned with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ beyond deliciously healthy mantra and in delivering hearty and savory meals for its patrons.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Gabbi Garcia, nag-commute? Gabbi surprises UV Express commuters with free coffee

UV passengers get “ganado” thanks to Gabbi and the Aromanamnam Express van of Great Taste White.

If you feel like mornings are a bit difficult sometimes, then you’re not alone. The heavy traffic of your morning commute could make you feel drained for the rest of your day. But the morning is also a great time to make your day better especially when you start it by feeling ganado or energized.

This is what commuters experienced after they found themselves sharing the same UV Express van with no other than actress Gabbi Garcia. And while her natural talent and charm should make anyone’s morning great—as she has demonstrated on her TV shows and movies, Gabbi came bearing a surprise that helped make her fellow commuters feel more energized.

McDonald’s serves up a thrilling roster to satisfy all your spicy chicken cravings – including the return of the McSpicy

 Give your tastebuds a spicy kick with the Spicy McDo and the Spicy McNuggets, too!

Filipinos take great pride in being one of the world’s biggest and most adventurous eaters. We have seen it proven time and time again in many scenarios – we don’t hold back when it comes to throwing birthday feasts with family and friends, our appetite for scrumptious street food is unlike any other, and we never back down from a spicy meal.

And speaking of spicy, we never say no to a challenge – you’ve probably tried the Spicy Noodle Challenge with friends at least once to dare your taste buds, or have dabbed some hot sauce here and there to your meals to give them a sizzling kick!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Directly from the Iguana factory in Normandy, our new French-built amphibious Commuter Yacht has just reached our shores. 

A hidden gem surrounded by the crystalline Sulu Sea, mesmerizing marine life, and radiant coral reefs, Banwa Private Island enthralls travelers seeking exclusive and unique adventures in a private sanctuary.

With the arrival of world-class Iguana Commuter, Banwa Private Island has expanded the island escape experience. The Commuter model, being the most exclusive in the range of yachts from Iguana, is the first of its kind in Asia. Adding new dimension to immersive local activities, the sustainable, amphibious boat opens up access to new idyllic spots of North-eastern Palawan’s coastline to discover while enjoying the sheer thrill of the ride, seamlessly transferring between land and water. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Celebrate Life! Bituin Escalante topbills The Peninsula Manila's 46th Anniversary Dinner-Show at The Lobby

What becomes a legend like The Peninsula Manila most? Another legend like Bituin Escalante in CELEBRATE LIFE: 46 YEARS OF THE PENINSULA MANILA, The Peninsula Manila’s 46th anniversary dinner-show at The Lobby where the legendary Ms. Escalante will perform an all-new high-energy show of songs and stories chronicling the history of The Peninsula. It will be an emotional and music-filled journey that loyal clients of the hotel and fans of the singer-actress will not forget.

In the classic and marble-clad Lobby, the Aliw- and Awit-award winning singer and theater actress will offer an eclectic mix of standards and songs by contemporary songwriters.

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