Monday, November 29, 2010

Lu Gang Cafe...casual dining at its finest

Nothing excites me more other than having a good dish in the middle of the table, a pair of utensils to use and good friends to share it with.  Such is the case in one glorious lunch at LuGang Cafe, San Juan.
Stir fried Sukiyaki beef with red chili pepper
this dish is very tasty indeed, the Sukiyaki beef is so soft that you would know that the beef used is very fresh indeed, I love how the beef mixed well with chili, even though it hinted a little spice, it can still give you an appetite to have more...
Taiwanese Stewed Pork - P190
I like how they presented this dish, it looked great, but that's all there is to it. Sad to say, this dish did not meet my expectations. I wished it could have been better though.  Pricewise it was ok but our house help can do better than this...
Tofu with preserved egg - P 120
this dish is particularly good... that is based on my friends expressions as they were munching on this, just to let you know, I am not quite fond of Tofu as well as century eggs, but I guess they were happy with this... lastly I wish they had not used the word "preserved" for the egg... just my opinion though.
Xiao Long Bao (6 pcs) - P 158
I wish and wish one day that the Philippines will get one of the best Xiao Long Bao in the world, and still with this in town, I think Manila is still in search for the best Xiao Long Bao...
Enough of my whinning.... of course there is something good in here
Pineapple fried rice, this is actually good, the pineapples and cashews not just gave the fried rice a good presentation it also give the fried rice flavor, yes many chinese restaurants already serve pineapple fried rice, so why should you order this? because the flavors of the pineapple and cashew nuts gave it a unique taste like no other pineapple fried rice that I have tasted.... sweet and tasty, really good.
Last but not the least, the 3-cup chicken - P 290
this 3-cup chicken is by far one of the most delicious one that I have had from my many trips to different chinese restaurants all over Asia.  It has a distinctly good taste, maybe its because of the wine used to cook the dish, but no matter this is so good that this was the first dish to disappear from the table, I promise myself I will get another serving of this next time I come around Lu Gang, but for me only.... **selfish
It was quite a lunch, and yes Lu Gang Cafe did not disappoint,  LuGang Cafe is famous all over Asia for their delicious dishes and fine cuisine, as it originated in China.  As far as the place is concerned it was very pleasant to the senses, and you will never feel crowded because of the wide spaces that they have.  One more thing to commend is that their service is great, even though they have only opened for a few weeks, everything was panned out quite well. 

Also try their set meals ranging from P 230 - P290, with choices such as Curry chicken, stewed pork, beef curry and Yakiniku beef, hope you do have a wonderful meal and enjoy it as much as I did. 

Price range - P250 - up

Lugang Cafe
Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Temptations: Gigi's Custaroons.... must have 'em

Oh!!! what are these yummy looking, wonderful treats!!!
It's Gigi's Custaroons!!!

I have once checked online, looking for great treats to have as snacks anytime of the day... literally I was eating the whole day through.  Just then, I stumbled into these marvelous treats, searching and scanning finally I was able to order and have first taste of this so called "Gigi's Custaroons". 

I was really wondering how it would taste like?  Custaroons coming the words custard and macaroons, fused them together what do you get CUSTAROONS!!  It is indeed quite a word, I think we have to tell Wiki about this, would you agree?  At first bite, I was speechless, and then the second bite, all that came from my mouth was mmmmmm......., then I had to blurt it out!! Waahhhhh, it's so yummy!!!

Gigi's Custaroons, has been in the market for years, they have given, taken, gifted, tasted, devoured (that would be me...), appreciated and loved.  After my first taste of custaroons, it has now become part of my Ref list.. not grocery list =)

It is a must that I have at least a batch of bite-size custaroons ready to be eaten anytime...and as my love for Gigi's Custaroons grow, so must that I share this to my friends... and give them on their birthdays and especially the holidays...

Now it's that time of the year again, so it's time for me to order these wonderful pieces of nature...a miracle that is called Gigi's Custaroons.

And as the years have passed Gigi Gaerlan, owner and maker of Gigi's Custaroons have made more treats for us to chew on and here they are:

 Gigi's Poppers
Custaroon balls covered in premium chocolate powder concoction
definitely for any and every child in you, the taste of custaroons is perfect, mix it with cocoa powder ahhh heaven in a ball... available in original, cheese, green tea and coffee (espresso) flavors
Le Petite Square's
Gigi's new creations!! available in cheddar and butter rhum...
I have been very lucky to have had a first taste of this wonderfully made square cakes, and yes I love them sooooooo much!!!! Cheddar is for those who love chewy cakes, while the butter rhum gives you a kick like no other!! Just the perfect treats this holiday season. The same good ol' care and loving made from the purest and best ingredients.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rufo's Famous Tapa - a classic favorite

Rufo's Famous Tapa, your 24-hour Tapa place has been around for years, and their list of loyal customers keep growing and growing...
Thanks to their delicious tapa.

I have been itching to get back here since I had it a few months ago, since Rufo's famous tapa is not really near my side of town, I am always looking for restos serving tapas to lessen the crave, but in the end, it is still Rufo's that my heart wishes and what my stomach wants to churn on.

Rufo's famous tapa boasts of their famous line, " Sauce pa lang, Ulam Na!" and yes I would say that is definitely true.
Salted Egg and Tomato - P26.00
the perfect appetizer, to that much desired famous tapa.
And now the main event of the evening, Rufo's Famous Tapa - P 89.00
The famous "topsilog:" known to all Filipinos as the most famous set meal ever since the 80's comprising of "Tap" for tapa (beef strips), "Si" for Sinangag (fried garlic rice) and "Log" for itlog (egg).
This was freshly prepared so everything was smoking hot, and the aroma of the tapa has since then enveloped the store and made it more desirable. Oh of this writing I'm starting to think of going to Rufo's again. Hay, when will this craving end.  The sauce was to die for...
We also tried their liempo - P98.00 which was actually good, it was tender and like all liempos fatty, so if you're tying to lose some weight skip this and get tapa instead.
the chicken barbeque - P89.00 was a bit dry, even though it was smothered with ketchup and freshly cook and hot, this could still use some improvement so that the chicken is still juicy inside.

Overall, it was fun to be eating at Rufo's again, what's good about it is that you get your fix and you don't hurt your wallet, prices are very reasonable and best of all, cheap!!

Price range: P50 - P150

Rufo's Famous Tapa

Monday, November 22, 2010

Experience Manila's Signature Dishes 2010

Manila has been a melting pot of wonderfully delicious meals, that has been known to satisfy the palate of even the most discerning food enthusiasts.  

Chefs from the Philippines, have made names in the international scene, the best example would be the White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford, who has been appointed by Laura Bush, during Bush's Administration, and recently the administration of Pres. Barack Obama.

Join me as we visit the many chefs and many signature dishes of Manila.  And let Manila be placed in the world map as one great culinary city.

All these signature dishes are available in the market at their respective restaurants, a fabulous set meal paired with a glass of Cassillero del Diablo wine.

Enjoy this treats from Nov. 15 - Dec. 31, 2010.
This is brought to us by Unilever Food Solutions.
Exclusive by credit card with BPI, payable by cash.


This is my FREE CRISPY PATA from Max's Restaurant.
How to get one??
I got it Free with the use of my BDO Card charge slip.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Temptations : Brownies Unlimited 100 boxes of brownies giveaway

Brownies Unlimited, a brand we trust for more than 22 years, a pioneer in serving us fresh and delicious brownies everyday.  What makes it the best is that they are prepared fresh daily, and delivered to all their branches daily(even the far reaches of Visayas including Cebu, Bacolod and IloIlo), now that is what I call dedication and total product perfection.

I am proud to say that with their years of expertise on their brownies, you can be assured of their freshness and yes there are absolutely no preservatives, and kids just love them... not to mention parents and grandparents too!!

And now, that Christmas is almost here, a fabulous way to bring smiles to your friends and loved ones, would be to buy a box of goodies and brownies, then gift them the joy of sweets.  Only the best Cocoa goes in to each and every brownie, so that full satisfaction is guaranteed... soft, chewy and yummy! Perfect to the bite.


Now to the exciting part, Brownies Unlimited loves you and would like you to have a very brownie Christmas, and a taste of being a Santa.  Get to win 100 boxes of brownies from Brownies Unlimited.

What to do?
Simply "Like" their page on Facebook to receive a raffle coupon.

Or Just go the store and buy a 6-pak for 1 coupon, and a 12-pak for 2 coupons.  The more you buy, the more chances of winning.  Who knows you might be the one to bring home 100 boxes of brownies from Brownies Unlimited.

For complete mechanics: CLICK HERE

Promo period is from Nov. 19 - Dec. 19, 2010.
Winners will be drawn on Dec. 21, 2010.

Bon Chon Chicken... finally here

Right smack in the middle of the action at Ayala Triangle Gardens
a new food adventure begins at Bon Chon Chicken

After browsing at their menu for sometime, I think they really mean business.. Chicken business that is, and they are voted as America's Best chicken.  So here they are bringing their famous chicken to our lands, and yes I am here... so stop looking at your computer and get over here, but wait you have to finish reading this post first... kidding!!
First on the menu, Chicken Chops, P185.  These Chicken chops are boneless, tender, juicy and delicious, you have a choice of Hot and Spicy or Soy Garlic, if you are a regular visitor of Taiwan, then the chicken chops you see here might be different to you.  Well Bon Chon Chicken originated from Korea, it may have some roots from Taiwan but this is totally different from the ones you have tasted in Taiwan.  They are coated with special sauces that makes them taste very flavorful.
Soy Garlic Chicken Legs, this serving size is SMALL at P 185
Mixed Soy Chicken and Hot and Spicy, with serving size of MEDIUM at P 365 a choice of 12 pcs. wings or 3 drumsticks and 6 pcs. wings

I first tried the Hot and Spicy, and yes it was very hot, and as I was taking my second piece of chicken, I can feel that I am leaving my comfort zone when it comes to spiciness and I had a feeling of my lips burning and my tongue getting some real punishment.  So I tried to switch to the Soy Garlic chicken.... 

Oh No!! I can't differentiate the Hot and Spicy to the Soy Garlic one, maybe my tongue got too much punishment or they gave us all Hot and Spicy, or the spiciness from the other wings lingered on my tongue too much that I cannot taste the salty and sweetness of the Soy Garlic chicken.... ohh this is bad. 

Word of advise: Never order half-soy garlic and half-hot and spicy to be mixed together, as they may all look alike, and you won't know the difference between the two.  I suggest just taking one flavor at a time, try the Soy Garlic first, then proceed to some adventure with the Hot and Spicy ones, and not the other way around or you would end up like me.... everything tastes spicy.  Other than that mishap, the chicken should have tasted good, as confirmed by my blogger friends.  So with that I promise there will be a next time.  

Another thing you must know, cooking time for the chicken is at least 15-20 mins., why? it's the quality of the chicken that has to be maintained, that is why they are deep fried fresh, or else it would not be Bon Chon Chicken.  So if you are having your lunch break here, be sure you have extended time, or else you won't make it back to your office in time.

One more thing, if you hate chicken, there is an option to order Bulgogi Rice Box P 125, which is basically Beef Bulgogi with some onions and garlic, but this is not why we came here to Bon Chon to eat right?? So stick to the chicken.

I promise to come back again and order the Soy Garlic chicken only to get my fix somehow I was deprived off in the first place.  Happy Eating!

Price Range - P 200 - up

Bon Chon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wee Nam Kee - Singapore's best HCR Now in Manila

HCR is Hainanese Chicken Rice, in case you may not know.  It is one of the most sought after dish in the world and is always a bestseller among restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Restaurants in the Orient are sometimes ranked for how their HCR would taste, and here we have WEE NAM KEE, the best in Singapore now in the Philippines.

Wee Nam Kee, is already a household name in Singapore, and lucky for us we are their "first" store outside Singapore.  Yes we are lucky indeed, and look what they have in store for us.
Hainanese Chicken... as the saying goes the fatter the chicken the better it tastes, the juices that flow amongst the chicken is what makes the chicken ohh so delicious.
And what is HCR without shredded ginger sauce.
very delicious ginger sauce... a definite must dip with HCR. their mix of spices really brings out the taste of Hainanese Chicken, and  don't forget to go with Hainanese Chicken Rice, as of picture time, I forgot to take some photos of it, as I was already busy munching...pardon me.  But it was delicious!
Hainanese and Roasted Chicken... both are delicious, the ooze coming out is just so delectable, don't forget to dip in ginger sauce as it will  bring to your taste buds a nice combination of tender chicken meat and tastefully made ginger spices, yummy.
Cereal Shrimps, the cereal is good haha, and the shrimps are deep fried to a crisp, good thing about it is, its not oily even if deep fried.  By the way they are fried to a crisp so if you don't mind, munch on the shell as well...  if not you can always peel them off
Baby Kailan, was perfectly steamed to a crisp, topped off with garlic bits.
really tasty and healthy as well.

The Dumplings Soup, sad we were not able to try this as I love dumplings so much!! maybe next time I will get you, so be prepared for some punishment....hihihi.

Top left photo: Richard and Irene of
Bottom photo: Mr. Junior Wee, of Wee Nam Kee

Overall my food experience at WEE NAM KEE is awesome.  The food is great, but since it was a Pre-opening food taste it was bitin... and most of the menu was not available.  I would do another blog post for WEE NAM KEE, when I get the chance to try it again, hopefully soon.  WEE NAM KEE  is now open to serve you.

Price Range - P200 up

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City

Melo's Wagyu at 20% off

Melo's November Chef Special

Wagyu Tenderloin 8oz (Grade 8) wrapped in Bacon with Al Funghi Porcini Sauce. Served with Soup & Salad. Another excellent creation by Melo's.

For reservations please call:

Alabang 7713945 Makati City 8999403 Quezon City 9249194 The Fort 4035968

Photo by: Aids Tecson
Assisted by: Karen Ilagan

Enjoy Melo's Wagyu with your family & friends!!! 
20% OFF food items for a group of 4 or more diners!!!

(Valid in Quezon City & Burgos Circle for Lunch Monday to Sunday. Valid in Jupiter St. Makati & Westgate Alabang for Lunch Monday-Thursday & Lunch & Dinner Friday-Sunday. May not be used with other promos and discounts.)

Valet Parking is available in Jupiter St. Makati & Westgate Alabang!

Use your Citibank credit card and get 10% OFF Wagyu & Certified Angus steaks. (May not be used with other promos, discounts, set menus & chef specials)

Free WIFI now available in Melo's Westgate Alabang.

Enjoy romantic LIVE music Thursday to Saturdays in Jupiter St. Makati.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

KFC's Double Down..... munch on it now!!!

Since I can't wait for 11.14.10, I proceeded to KFC to find out for myself what this shamelessly, meaty from KFC is... and finally shazam!!!


What appeared before my midst was something awesome, something 
I cannot seem to get off my mind, something that will be missing in the next
few minutes....and into my stomach.

What is the DOUBLE DOWN? 
Its made up of strips of bacon, melting cheese, creamy mayo and
2 (two) Original Recipe Chicken Fillet on top and on the bottom.
How does it taste? Hmmm... one last look before I devour it.
The first bite had me tasting the mayo, the tender chicken kicking in and the strong taste of cheese.
The second bite, oh still heaven oh how I love KFC original recipe chicken flavor, then, just came to thought how about some KFC chicken gravy.
Everything tastes great with KFC gravy.  Ah yes! perfect.

KFC Double Down is a winner, I do hope this item stays on the regular menu.  You get your fill of KFC original recipe chicken in a bun-way haha.  Try it with gravy or just munch it down without gravy, they all taste good.  Hope they make a Hot and Crispy type of Double Down someday.... now that would be something!! ZINGER x 2!!!  Don't take my word for it, try it to find out...

KFC Double Down available now at KFC
                                  P 100 ala carte
                                  P 115 with drinks
                                  P 135 with reg. fixin and drinks

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Surrender : A very sweet Expo

Goodfellas Productions invites you to
at Sitio Elena (Ortigas Extention) near the gate of
Valley Golf and Country Club
on Nov. 13, 2010    6PM onwards

For tickets: Please contact Ms. Stephanie So at 0917-5185188

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hermanos Taco Shop : Authentic Mexican treats

Craving for good Mexican Treats?

The club has recently visited a hidden gem along Granada Ave., in Brgy. Valencia, Gilmore, Q.C. 

HERMANOS Taco Shop, a very happy place.  A place of good and authentic Mexican treats, a place for friends to meet, catch up and make more friends.  Come and experience for yourself the best tasting and most authentic Mexican dishes in town!

Now, let's stop with the talking and see what Hermanos has in store for us.
 Quesadillas, available in Beef (P250), Chicken (P230) and Shrimp (P310)
delicious and hot, a perfect way to start a Mexican dinner.
 Burritos - P 265 - P 310, depends on your preferred toppings,
served with your choice of Black or Pinto beans, Spanish Rice,
shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa , Sour cream and Guacamole
this was quite a treat, but I would stick to the Tacos hehe, they were good
but I just don't like burritos that much.
 Soft Tacos P140 - P150 depends on your choice of  meat, in this pic Carnitas Tacos P140
served with lettuce, Pico de Gallo, shredded beef and
roasted Tomato Salsa
Carne Asada Soft tacos, delicious beefy goodness to eat!!
2 pcs for P150
 Rolled Tacos, available in beef and chicken
3pcs for P195, 6pcs for P285
This is my favorite dish, since I am a sucker for lumpiang shanghai haha
but this is definitely Mexican, best to smother it with salsa, 
you will never go wrong with this.
 Carne Asada Chips, everything you crave for is here Taco chips,
Salsa, Guacamole, whole lot of beef, Sour cream and melted cheese
Perfect for the barkada to munch on, this is a winner!! - P 320.00
You can also have this with Fries - I will try this next.
The best way to end the evening of relentless Mexican food, a little sweet stuff Cinnamon Crisp - P95 crisp fried taco chips smothered with cinnamon and a slush of sweetened milk, I love it!!!
I confess I finished 4 crisps haha!!

WOW!!! Am I full.  Try it to find out, why more and more people are diving into Mexican dishes.  Word of advise, their salsa can very addicting... very good mix of spiciness and flavor.

Hermanos Taco Shop
#27 Granada Ave. 
cor. Jose O. Vera St.,
Brgy. Valencia, Gilmore Q.C.
Tel No. 570-8425
(beside a gas station - near where they are selling parols)

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