Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fu Chi Dumpling - authentic Taiwanese treats

I always pass by Banawe Street in Quezon City, since I work near the place but never really had the chance to visit this place til now.  The reason?  When I get there during lunch time, it is always jam packed, and when I come at night for some snacking, I never get to the place on time, as they close quite early at 9 PM, such a waste though cause they really have something good in-store.  

Our first dish of the evening, Stewed Tofu dipped in special soy sauce P60, it looks fresh with all the leeks and "yen suy" that my FIL totally loves.  I cannot comment on the tofu since I don't eat Tofu (surprise!!) but it was gone in a flash, its either they are really hungry or the dish is really good.
Next dish on the list, Beef kenchi noodles P120, the soup base was very good as it reminded me a lot of the ones I had in Taiwan on my last visit, very strong beefy taste, surely the soup was simmered for quite some time as you can sip the lean beef taste that I really love.  Match it with the thick udon-like noodles and the soft and tender beef kenchi, definitely a winner.
The most anticipated part of the meal, the famous Fu Chi Steam Dumplings 15 pcs. for P90.  This has got to be one of the best deals in town, well for me at least, you don't get that much dumplings in other places, trust me I have been through a lot of them.  So I guess this is the main selling point for Fu Chi.  Every table seems to have an order of this.  And I would agree definitely, one of the best dumpling places in town, and one on my top ten list.  They are available in pork with vegetable, and shrimp with vegetable.  Don't ask how it tastes, the number of their loyal customers speaks for them.
Don't forget to dip the dumplings in their special soy sauce, heavenly indeed
Lastly, I had to order this, Fried chicken set for P120, a complete meal with rice, chicken, side dish and other veggies specially made by the owner Taiwan-style. The chicken was fried with their secret breading, I guess ingredients would be from Taiwan, smells good and very tasty, crispy and hot.  That's how I love my chicken to be.

Take time to visit and take a bite here at Fu Chi Dumpling, you would certainly come back for more. Guaranteed!!

Fu Chi Dumpling
Banawe, Quezon City


  1. i LOVED the dumplings! and they we're definitely great value for money! but then when i was snapping some pictures for my blog, i got told off! HAHA.

  2. Hi 3748 Miles, actually there was indeed a note on the wall, saying NO PICTURES ALLOWED; kinda weird to say that for a resto wouldn't you agree? Well, each have their own rules..

  3. I had the same experience with Fu Chi! I super love their food but I couldn't really blog about them since every time I try to take pictures, they seem to always see me. ;p

  4. I really don't like the management of this resto. Imagine, we arrived there at 7:30 pm and were told that they are closed but there was a sign on their front door saying that they close at 9 pm. Plus, there was a "Pls. come in" sign and no "sorry we're closed" sign. When I asked them why and I was told that there's no more soup. Umm, do you only serve soup and there's no other items on the menu that we can order? I mean I guess there's no professionalism here. The management is not accommodating and changes the resto rules whenever she feels like it. If she's in the mood to close early, they'd be no notice on the front door indicating so. Extremely terrible restaurant practice and no professionalism whatsoever.

  5. super love the beef noodle, my daughter is addicted to it (hahaha) and she is just age 5. Dumplings are great too, plus try the kwa-pao....
    the one cooking here is the wife of the owner, i got to learn about it because one time we are planning to eat there and it was close, so after a few days we came back to satisfy our craving, we asked them why it was close, the "auntie" said she was sick and nobody can cook the "special soup" the way she did and do not want to risk the quality on how she prepare the soup (personal touch)


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