Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reminiscing Shantung Restaurant

Shantung Restaurant, one of the earliest restaurants ever to have surfaced since the early 80's if I may recall right, I still remember the days when we dined in their first store at Echague, Quiapo and still named "Lo Wan", if you cannot recall the place? Better ask your moms and dads, even your grandparents, I am quite sure they have a lot of stories that they will cherish whenever you would mention it to them.  And through the years they have transferred from the original branch to another in Binondo, and finally now at West Avenue, Quezon City.

So let's stop the chit chat and go to what's keeping Shantung Restaurant a favorite among the young ones and and the young once.

My favorite and most unforgettable soup. The name is Soup No. 1 as it is the first listed on the menu.  It is basically Hot Sour Soup, every restaurant has their specialty and this one is definitely Shantung's landmark dish.  It is made up of pork's blood, bits of meat, and "tenga ng daga" shrooms and eggs, this may sound a little on the "what must this taste like" phrase, but believe me it is so good.... why it lasted at least another generation and still going strong. P130 for small and P160 good for a party of 6.
One of my favorite dishes, Shantung's Fried Crispy Chicken
(8pcs for P180)
this has always been on the order list ever since I can remember, dip it in their signature sweet chili sauce and savor the taste of the juicy meat bite after bite.
Fried shrimps ala Camaron Rebusado, P 210, only the freshest shrimps, full of flavor toss it over pepper salt or their signature sauce, makes the meal all the wonderful to enjoy.
 Oyster Cake P155, honestly I don't really like oysters, and I hate eggs as well, but when you put it all together, it is a totally different dish, and I can't stop munching it over ketchup.  My mother is happy at least I eat some eggs... haha
Fried dumplings or "Oh tien" in Chinese is a rice buddy for me
Just look at the meaty goodness wrapped on crunchy fried wanton wraps (8 pcs for P105)
Don't forget to request for the dip for this dish, unmistakable.
And Mixed Seafood Pot, P280 for the large size, a combination of crispy Tofu over clay pot simmered fresh catch from the sea, with fish fillets, squid, fresh shrimps, sea cucumber and a array of vegetables.  This dish is quite new to the restaurant but they did great and tasted good too, my dad agrees.

In the end, I am glad that Shantung Restaurant still have not changed their classics and maintained the good taste that they are famous for, and mind you they still hire some of the same people from the original branch in Echague and yes I recognize them.  That goes to show how old already am I, haha I would still remember them during my childhood days taking our orders.  Now, grab dad and mom, lolo and lola, they would be delighted you brought them here to reminisce the good old days and enjoy good food as well.
Shantung Restaurant
96 West Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 926-1957

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