Thursday, August 29, 2019

McDonald’s brings back Flavors of Japan together with Twister Fries!

McDonald’s brings back Flavors of Japan together with Twister Fries!
Get your tastebuds ready, because McDonald’s is bringing back some of the crowd favorites! This time around, the brand is bringing the taste of the cool Autumn season in Japan, right here in the Philippines. 
McDonald’s Flavors of Japan is once again available in McDonald’s, now with its Autumn edition lineup--featuring the return of Twister Fries, Ebi Burger, Teriyaki Samurai Burger, and with the debut of the new Fuji Apple McFreeze!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s bright chefs heralded at the 2019 Philippine Culinary Cup

Bright, young chefs from Marco Polo Ortigas Manila rose to the challenge of this year’s Philippine Culinary Cup, hosted by World Food Expo (WOFEX). With the theme, Where the Best Meet to Compete, seven representatives from the Hotel showcased their expertise in both the Savoury and Pastry categories of the competition held from 7 to 10 August 2019. 

Kuya J’s Halo-halo sale at P55 only

There’s no doubt that a special trapdoor in our stomach was made exclusively for dessert; no matter how busog you are, there’s always room for everyone’s favorite course! Luckily, this August, Kuya J is offering an entire 50% limited discount on your favorite Kuya J halo-halo treat!

No need to spend a lot to satisfy your sweet tooth – Kuya J, one of the leading Filipino casual dining restaurants in the country, has got you covered. For only P55, you can avail of the Kuya J Halo-Halo Espesyal, Ube Halo-Halo, Saba Halo-Halo, or Duo Halo-Halo in all Kuya J branches nationwide!

Popeyes Philippines is now in Alabang

Southerners can now get a taste of the famous American fried chicken as Popeyes Philippines opens its second branch at the ground floor of Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa. Diners are in for a treat as Popeyes offers its signature offerings—the original honey biscuits, Cajun fries, and the mouthwatering Popeyes fried chicken that’s packed with distinct Cajun-inspired flavors from Louisiana, USA. 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Joys of Ting Hun at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Celebrate the harmony of two families, and the wonderful love that this new beginning brings, with Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s The Joys of Ting Hun—a special package perfect for Chinese Engagements.

The engagement announcement is an important part of Chinese tradition. It is where the families of the bride and groom meet, and host a ceremony for their union. With Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s specially-crafted The Joys of Ting Hun package, celebrate meaningful journeys in this anticipated event, giving couples and their families a harmonious new beginning.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

foodpanda brings Global Soup Kitchen to its regional cities

As foodpanda celebrates its fifth anniversary in the Philippines, they want to extend their mission to bring good food to everyone, including to those that need it the most through their campaign called Global Soup Kitchen.

Global Soup Kitchen aims to feed children from less fortunate communities and orphanages to bring smiles to these people through the warmth of food. During its 4th year last year, the foodpanda team partnered with Elise Gaches Alabang, an orphanage for special children in Metro Manila Eats to bring warm meals to 300 special children. This year, foodpanda continues to extend its hand to even more children with two installments of the Global Soup Kitchen to two regional cities, Cavite and Cebu.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Journey to different galaxies with the Jollibee’s Jolly Space Adventure toys

This August, Jollikids can make fun galactic journeys to the farthest reaches of the universe as they play and prepare for blast off with their colorful spacecrafts from Jollibee’s latest set of Jolly Kiddie Meal toys, the Jolly Space Adventure!

With the newest set of connectible toys from the country’s leading fast-food chain, aspiring space explorers can imagine taking off for outer space to form their own galactic team with Jollibee and Friends riding their own spaceships.

Jollikids can patrol the ever-expanding universe with Jollibee as they move his spacecraft forward to watch the blasters move back and forth. They can also attach Hetty’s rocket and help her move onwards to see her glider launch its projectile!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Popeyes Philippines opens 3rd branch in SM San Lazaro!

Popeyes opens 3rd branch 
in SM San Lazaro!

After 2 very successful and blockbuster openings in the Philippines, namely in Arcovia City in Pasig and Alabang Town Center, comes their latest opening... SM San Lazaro.  Brought to the Philippines by the Kuya J Group, Popeyes is more than ready to fill up Filipino tummies with their famous crispy fried chicken and yummy biscuits!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and refill to make the world a better place

Bring your Own Bottle and do your part!

Have you passed by Bonifacio Global City lately?  Specifically the area around The Mind Museum?  Care to take notice a pop-up, that does not just sell your favorite condiments, but also does it's part in saving the world in their own little way... and you can be a part of it, read on below to show you care!

NutriAsia, the home of well-loved Pinoy brands like Datu Puti, UFC, Golden Fiesta and Locally, has been the partner of Filipino homes  in levelling up their meal times for years.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Authentic Treasures at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional mooncakes, made especially from Hong Kong, as Marco Polo Ortigas Manila presents this year’s collection in stylish and exquisite boxes.

Second to the Chinese New Year as the most celebrated event in the Chinese calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival came from the rich history of the moon goddess. It is believed that harmony and prosperity arise during this day, thus the tradition of giving gratitude takes place.

McDonald’s Philippines sweeps PANAta Awards 2019 with 15 wins

McDonald’s, and its creative agency Leo Burnett, once again dominated the stage during the 2019 PANAta Awards as the brand brought home a multitude of recognitions—including five Golds, four Silvers, three Bronzes, and three People’s Choice Awards. Amongst over 130 entries received, McDonald’s campaigns that were recognized for their excellence included “Hope for Marawi,” “Frymoji,” “Doodelivery,” “#WalangPasok Deals,” and “ShaGab Loves McDo.” 

The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) hosts its annual awards show called the PANAta Awards which showcases the industry’s best brand campaigns that have exhibited excellence in strategy, execution, and results. 
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