Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deli delicious at Chuck's Deli

If anyone is serious enough to make one of the best gourmet sandwiches around, it has to be Chuck's Deli.  I can see their dedication and passion in making their sandwiches, so may I take you on this lovely trip of sandwiches and mouth watering deli treats that makes Chuck's Deli, one of my favorite delis.

This is the emergency broadcast system,   I just have to let you know this... their potato chips are amazing!!!  Thinly sliced, crispy fried home-made potato chips and made upon order, that is how fresh they are and that is how I love them so, I finished 3 small bowls, burrpp! ooops! Don't tell my wife... ahh katabi ko pala siya.
 First up, California Waki , kinda reminds you of the infamous California Maki right?  But trust me this is better.  A flavorful slabwich with lettuce, tomato, kani, sliced eggs, mango slices and wasabi mayo.  Now that's a whole lot of stuffing in one slabwich wouldn't you say.  Share a slab unless you're really that hungry that is.  The fresh lettuce was crisp to the bite and kani mixed with wasabi mayo really puts the icing on this complement it with their very own baked Ciabatta. P255 1/2 slab, P445 1 slab.
 One of the highlights of the evening, Reuben Slabwich - just how we would like it to be, homemade Angus corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard and Chuck's sauce (Chuck's secret spicy sauce) a favorite amongst "the club" - after this pic Reuben was nowhere to be found, I had to report it missing. - P275 1/2 slab, P495 1 slab.
 The fun just never stops coming, then The Buffy came along, gleaming with Buffalo (a.k.a. Buffy) Chicken, garlic sauce and coleslaw, the ooze coming out of the slabwich was too much to bear, and I just had to take a bite into it, and savor the crispy and juicy buffalo chicken, the garlic sauce brought out the tastiness of the chicken and thus made it as one my favorites at Chuck's Deli - P255 1/2 slab, P445 1 slab.
 Oh no, I have to have you, one of my favorites of all time Philly Cheese Steak, too much temptation too weak to resist, you are mine.  With Chuck's Deli's amazing sandwich skills, they have made an all time American favorite into a classic.  The beef, American cheese, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms are the simplest of ingredients, but when put together POW! A sandwich for all time! P 295.00
The Pilgrim, Thanksgiving all in one sandwich, all year round! Now you don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to savor this fabulous turkey sandwich, a slab of white roast turkey meat, stuffing, cranberry jelly and gravy. Did I make you salivate?  Don't even wonder why I am getting on the heavier side nowadays.  It's because of these delectable slabwiches that I can't or won't be able to resist. P255 half slab, P445 whole slab.
One last favorite, before I call it a night.  This particular sandwich did fool me and has an interesting yet funny name.  Faking Duck, now there is no duck nor any fowl inside, its good ol' roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leeks and crispy noodles.  P185 half slab, P335 full slab. I love Peking duck that is why I love Faking Duck.
Also, try The Shepherd, P 355 - lamb sausage, now that's something you don't have everyday, I don't eat much of lambs but I tried this one, it did have that distinct lamb taste, but not that much so it was tolerable for me but for lamb lovers, they could get a kick out of this, and Chuck's Burger P 265 - Angus beef patty burger, Chuck's sauce, mayo and with pickles and tomatoes, what's not to like.

I had one of my most satisfying deli meals to date.  I never thought that I would come out with a big tummy and a happy smile on my face.  The question is will I come back for more? The answer is YES.  
There are still more sandwiches to choose from and of course the Home-made potato chips.
Now making these sandwiches can take some time so if you're in a hurry, you can always call them ahead, and have your order prepared. Then you just pass by and pick it up, you don't even have to park your car.
 Chuck's Deli, only the freshest slabwiches for you.

Budget for a meal : 350 up

Chuck's Deli
G/F Serendra, (side of Market Market!)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


  1. The sandwiches look yummy but isn't it heavy to eat?

  2. haha indeed they are.... so 1/2 slab should do just fine, well if you're really that hungry 1 slab would do the trick, don't forget the potato chips!!


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