Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank goodness for Allies wonder peanuts

It was one drizzling night at the office, with so much work still pending, and so little time to finish the jobs assigned, worst of all, my stomach is growling, clamoring for food...wishing there was still something left to munch on at the pantry cabinet.  

As I was going through our mini fridge, looking for something, anything at all to eat.  I was so desperate to find anything to eat.  OH!!! I remember Fran, a good friend did gave me some nuts, yes Allies wonder peanuts from Pampanga, the so-called wonder nuts, my "Club" friends are raving about.  But where is it?  

Ahhh, better call for back-up, I called my office mate who was the master of all things stored hehe, good thing he answered, he said try looking through the top cabinets just above the wine glass rack, not there hmmm... finally he remembered its in the left drawer where we place our bread slicer.  Waaahhh finally found it!  Thank you my good friend... and thank you Fran for these peanuts, you made my day.

These peanuts are not the greasy ones you find in those tin foil package ones.  These are dry toasted, yes dry toasted to perfection.  So they pack less calories and are not greasy, best thing about Allies peanuts?  They got lots and lots of garlic to munch on, be sure to brush your teeth though after the feast.  I can't stop munching on these nuts, they are by far one of the best that I have had in quite some time. The garlic very crispy and tasty and did not leave an oily taste, Oh yes, they are indeed wonder nuts, my hunger was gone in a jiffy. 

Thanks Allies wonder peanuts I guarantee you will be looking for this again, when you finish the whole container.  Ok, ok now back to work.  But wait let me share with you where you can buy this.
You can find them at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at G/F FERN Building (behind UA&P) Escriva Drive (formerly Amber Avenue) corner Gen. Araneta, Ortigas, Pasig City. Tel no. (02) 470-4285.  Priced at only "P160".  I can assure you will get your money's worth, nuts are healthy and can be a good way to balance your diet and best of all can give you quality snack time.

Let's support made in the Philippines!!  Proudly Philippine Made.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Fusion at Coco Asian Kitchen and Bubble Tea Boy

Coco Asian Kitchen

A new twist to your favorite Asian dishes...

"The Club" was recently invited to savor and taste test Coco Asian Kitchen and also to try out their new offerings for Bubble Tea Boy, right in the heart of Greenhills, in Promenade.

It was quite a gathering of great foods and friends, so engrossed was everybody that food comes and goes in a jiffy.  What did we have?  Most notably, these were the ones I loved most.
Cha Gio P 90, 
Coco Asian's version of the famous Vietnamese spring rolls, 
crispy and definitely a must-try, loved the sauce as well, a good appetizer

Next appetizer that we had Ube Ubod P 120, I was quite hesitant to try this at first, thinking what should it taste, but as to my surprise, it was delicious.  

What is this? It's lumpia ubod filling wrapped in specially made ube wanton wrapper.  A mix of yummy vegetables, ubod style, with lots of nutmeg, gave it distinctly good nutty taste.  The ube wrapper gave it a balance of sweetness and that delicious ube flavor speaks for itselft.  I would definitely be back for more of this.
Dory ala Coco P 290 (left), Sweet Potato Prawns P 360
These dishes are heaven sent.  Perfect with rice, the Dory ala Coco, as stated is mixed with coconut milk, with added spice from pepper, was fried to a crisp with bread crumbs and tender dory fillet.  With regards to the prawns, other than the usual tempura batter used in tempura, sweet potato strings were used, giving it a uniquely sweet taste, coupled with tempura sauce, made our dinner more than fulfilling.
Tinumok P 260, have tried it in many Filipino grilled restos,
found this quite good and meaty as well.
And now for refreshments, also on their store is their new specialty,
Bubble Tea Boy
Although a newcomer in the market, they have made quite a stir in the bubble tea scene, with fresh ingredients being imported from Japan, you can be assured of fine quality bubble tea drinks!! Heavy favorites include Harajuku - caramel milk tea, and Osaka - roasted honey milk tea. Also you get to choose your sweetness level at that.  All at an affordable price of only P80.00

So visit Coco Asian Kitchen and Bubble Tea Boy at the G/F The Promenade in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Experience The Real Thing Diner

Just when you thought you had outgrown your childhood fantasies, something comes along which you  just have to keep for your collection.  Look at the pic above, its my collection of Coca Cola stuff.  Nah, I'm just joking.  That's not my collection and that's not my room.  Can you imagine your own house overflowing with Coke memorabilia and stuff? Lovely isn't it?  But spare yourself the trouble and just come here, and experience Coke mania at The Real Thing Diner.

It feels like nostalgia when I first came into this one of a kind diner.  And somehow it all seemed familiar... even the sounds emanating from the speakers seemed familiar.... ahhh they are Coke commercial jingles!!! Always Coca Cola!!.

Well, what has this unbelievable place have for us? Lots and lots of Coke Memorabilia collected by one of the co-owners KV Golamco, of the The Real Thing Diner.  Just take a look at his collections!!

 And now the fun part!! Food!! They have quite a selection and it is really is out of this world.  Just imagine mixing your favorite sodas into your favorite foods.  Delightful right?  Yes, it indeed is.

I know the words on the menu are quite blurred, but just to give you an idea... everything is really Coke-y!!

Buttoms up!! Coca-Cola concoctions: Coca-Cola Cinnamon Snifter
Something new and out of the box!  A new way to floats and definitely a must try. 
I love chicken... but not particularly wing parts, but I just could not resist this
Spicy Sarsi Wings P 199
wonder how it tastes? Let's just say " I love wings again!!"
you really have to try this out, you'll be wanting more I promise.
Eight O'Clock Apple Green Tea Fish Fillet P 249
Steamed Dory Fish Fillet, perfectly done with rice, the apple green tea flavor was kind of the wow factor on this dish.  It gave off quite an aroma that only green tea can give, and lemon butter sauce made it more flavorful, the fillet was nicely done, its healthy and delicious, perfect for the weight conscious.
Eight O' Clock Chicken P289
It tastes good with a little orange flavor since well, it is made with Eight O' Clock.  Grilled hot and always a treat for kids and adults too.
Coca-Cola BBQ Burger P249
the beef patty was one delicious blend, with lettuce, tomatoes and yummy mayo as toppings, it made this burger, one of the best burgers I've had in recent memory.
Now, the Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs P 399
is definitely on the come back list for this joint.  The baby back ribs are grilled to a tender, with meat easy on the bite and tasty inside and out, it has a spicy kick as well.  I found myself sipping on the bones.... shhhh, don't tell anyone ok.
Spinach Walnut Pasta P 259
some kind of a pasta indeed, hmmm.... you might say, should I try this or not? It's kinda nice to find innovation in food as well, such as this.  And it comes as a real surprise, and I'm quite satisfied indeed.
Ol' Fashion Spaghetti 'n Meatballs P 199
A classic and always a favorite amongst almost who have lived in this world, may you be Asian, North American, European, Australian or whatever race you may be.  The gold ol' fashion Spaghetti 'n meatballs always does the trick.  You use a fork, stick it in, make twirls and sip the noodles.  Yum!! Don't forget the meatballs!!

After that fulfilling meal, are you ready for some desserts?
Sure you are! First up...
Chookie Ice Cream Sandwich P 89
Vanilla Ice cream sandwiched in crunchy Chookie cookie, a perfect alternative to the usual crepes. Love the chocolate syrup!!
Happily Appley P89
like happily ever after, you will be smiling after you take this down..
and last on our food trip Choc a la Mode P 89
bite into this surprise on the bottom vanilla ice cream topped with cherry
and drizzles of chocolate syrup.

Well worth your money, good food, good place. Perfect for your night outs and taking your dates too.  Thank you Noelle Cassandra and KV Golamco for bringing The Real Thing to reality.

Always The Real Thing. Always Coca-Cola!

The Real Thing Diner
2F Il Terrazzo,
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Madrinian
Quezon City
Tel. no (+632) 352-4320

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lola Maria's delectable classics with a twist

The Legend Villas, home of Lola Maria's Restaurant, nestled in the middle of busy Pioneer street in Mandaluyong.  It is with great humility and delight to have had the chance to dine at this one of a kind restaurant.  

With furnishings and interiors which are Vigan-inspired, a tradition traced to the late Doña Maria Villanueva Rosario, the maternal grandmother of Legend Hotels International corporation.  

Everytime you dine in at Lola Maria's restaurant, it feels like you have traveled back in time, bringing memories and scenes reminiscent of your grandparents' provincial home.  It is indeed a sight to behold.

We were invited to partake in this special dinner showcasing Lola Maria Restaurant's new dishes, inspired by famous celebrities of our time.  Apart from their delectable signature dishes which includes home-cooked favorites  like kare-kare, lechon kawali, beef steak and chicken gallantina.  This new selection of dishes will once again tickle the fancy of their loyal customers and ignites a spark for those first timers.

The evening started with a selection of fruit juice mixes  (Dalandan slush, Pomelo slush and Pandan iced tea) which got me guessing which to have as my drink for the night, I did have a choice to have all three served but I just liked the taste of Pandan iced tea, it had the right sweetness, the right blend and I am a sugar freak so it was definitely Pandan iced tea.  The pandan leaves gave the iced tea a nice scent that kept me going for glasses, sugar rush indeed.

In consultation with Chef Michael Martinez, Lola Maria Restaurant is proud to present the following dishes:

Our first dish of the evening, Vegetable Quiche

Vegetable Quiche by fashion designer Randy Ortiz: baked tender pastry crust with fresh vegetables, topped with a dollop of sour cream.  This came as a pleasant surprise to me, as some of you may know I am not a fan of vegetables, that is why my uric acid level is always high. Now can you help me keep that secret?  

Honestly speaking I did not taste any vegetable inside of it., really  It is made of a mixture of different vegetables which includes asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper, onion, egg, spices, cheese and fresh cream. This dish is perfect for any meal, or any snack for that matter, they are small, bite-size and very nutritious.  A great starter for a grand meal ahead.
Next to be served to us, is Fish Pinipig

Fish Pinipig, actually thinking of the name makes me feel that this was already part of the desert, but this creation by actress / host Iza Calzado gave it a twist, thus the Filipino version of fish and chips.  Healthy and easy to make.

Made with freshest creamed dory fillet covered with crispy pinipig flakes, dipped in tartare sauce.  This dish is then sided by home-made crispy potato chips from Lola Maria's and trust me they are to die for.  The pinipig flakes gave the cream dory a crispy crust, while biting in to the soft dory fillet, made it a dish to feast on with so much gusto.

Up next, the dish that captured my heart upon first bite.

Prawn Cakes

- inspired by the most successful local show car maker Atoy Llave, a fan of seafoods.  It is oriental style minced shrimps coated with bread crumbs, served with Hoisin sauce.  

This was quite different from the first two dishes that we had as this dish leaned closer to Asia, as I would think it, inspired by the Chinese way of cooking as it is sided by one of the most common yet most delicious sauce, Hoisin Sauce.
I loved how the prawn cake tasted, the rich flavor of the prawns mixed with the distinct flavor of Hoisin gave a tad of spice and sweetness that just stayed in my mouth, the crisp of deep fried, and the soft and tender prawn mix inside definitely made my day.  I had quite a lot this, and still I want more.

Cocido, a favorite of Our Awesome Planet blogger Anton Diaz

- beef ribs stewed in rich tomato sauce with chorizo and fresh vegetables, is the foremost representative and beloved national dish of Spain.  It is no wonder that this dish has made it into the hearts of many Filipinos, and best to hear that Lola Maria Restaurant will have this on their regular menu and buffet tables.  Best served with rice.
Garlic and Rosemary Rib Eye

- best cut of beef marinated and seared with fresh garlic and rosemary with a siding of buttered vegetables.  A tasteful treat by actress Ara Mina.  Rib Eye is indeed the best beef to use for steaks as it is soft, easy to the bite and no doubt perfectly infused with garlic and rosemary.
And lastly for desert, it was (from left) Ube and Langka Panna Cota, Ensaymada Pudding and Fried Suman at Tsokolate.

Ensaymada Pudding by Ford Suptermodel grand winner Danica Manpantay, Ube and Langka Panna Cotta by actress Sherilyn Reyes-Tan.  And finally, Fried Suman at Tsokolate by actress/ host/ model Wilma Doesnt.

The fried suman was crispy and hot, dipped in the traditional tsokolate, made me remember my childhood days when we would dip our suman in white sugar, but the tsokolate served as a different dip that is equally satisfying.  
The Ube and Langka panna cotta tasted better than any panna cotta that I have tasted.  It gave the panna cotta more flavor and smelled great as well.

Personally among the three, the ensaymada pudding was the the best and perfect for me.  It was the perfect ending to a very satisfying meal.  And looking forward to another good time at Lola Maria Restaurant.
Take time to visit Lola Maria Restarant and savor the dishes you would definitely come back for.  Lola Maria serves breakfast buffets from 6 am - 10 am and lunch buffets from 11 am - 2 pm daily.  For dinner, guests can enjoy a la carte dishes from their menu.

This Valentine season, The Legend Villas and Lola Maria is having a Chocolatey February,a special Chocolate buffet is being served every Saturday and Sunday for the whole month of February.  Available during weekend lunch hours, with Php 250  nett for adults and Php 180 nett per child.  Come spend Valentine's with your special someone.

Also, Legend Villas presents its Valentine promo package.  For a rate of P 3,850 net inclusive of an overnight stay for two in a Premier room with a special romantic turndown service with petals, candles and wine and a sweet Valentine's token.  Valid from Feb. 1 - 20 only.  

For more details on this promo and other Valentine specials, you may reach them at (632) 702-2700 to 04 and Lola Maria Restaurant at (632) 702-2793 or visit

Lola Maria Restaurant
Legend Villas
Pioneer corner Madison Streets
Mandaluyong City

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