Thursday, March 31, 2022

McDonald’s PH launches Sonic 2 Happy Meal toys today, with a surprise reveal on April 9


Watch out for an exciting surprise toy and a #SonicRingRun AR filter to be revealed soon!

With the highly anticipated sequel to the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film arriving in cinemas starting today, fans of the series will be speeding to see Sonic back on the big screen with his friends and rivals. To make the most out of the thrills of life with Sonic— even outside of the movie— McDonald’s is releasing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Happy Meal!

In its newest Happy Meal collection, McDonald’s gives customers 10 toys to collect, including fan-favorite characters Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, and even a surprise toy that movie-watchers will be excited to uncover. Little ones can anticipate the reveal and release of the surprise toy on April 9 as this will surely make them feel the Sonic fever even more! With each toy delivering more force power than conventional gearboxes, kids will get to experience Sonic’s lightning-fast speed with its awesome collectibles!

Challenge accepted: Coco Martin, Angel Locsin, and Dimples Romana take on the #MangInasalPorkBBQChallenge

Mang Inasal continues to take social media by storm, as big stars Coco Martin, Angel Locsin, and Dimples Romana join the #MangInasalPorkBBQChallenge.

The #MangInasalPorkBBQChallenge is open to food lovers and netizens everywhere. To join, all you have to do is to dine-in at your favorite Mang Inasal stores. 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Reward yourself with a real treat during a long day’s work

 Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie is the real deal— real peaches and mangoes in a really crispy crust!

Each day is an opportunity to work hard, get your tasks done, and encourage personal growth along the way. Whether it’s multitasking in your corporate job, hustling through multiple projects, or pursuing an ambitious dream, these days don’t come easy—but they reap their own rewards!

No matter how these days go, it’s always a good idea to pause, step back, and reward yourself. You deserve something that will make your day real special, and it should be the real deal! How about a Jollibee Peach Mango Pie?

When you bite into its golden pie crust cooked to a perfect crisp, you get to relish in the signature filling made with real peaches and mangoes. The blend of real fruits in a really crispy pie crust is a snack experience which isn’t commonly found anywhere else.

How to make your me-time celebrations more rewarding

Spending hours on work can be both fulfilling and draining. The latter is especially true if you don’t take time off to reflect on your achievements. It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant. It can be as simple as staying home, taking time to rest and indulging on sweet rewards that are within your reach.

If you’re looking for a much-needed break, this is a sign that you should. Here’s how you can make your winning moments even sweeter.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Hilton Manila Turns Up the Heat With ‘The Market Place,’ featuring Filipino Cuisine and Sustainable Dampa-style Dining

Hilton Manila’s celebrated Kusina Sea Kitchens restaurant recently reopened its buffet selection to diners with an innovative take on Filipino, Western and Asian cuisine served ‘dampa-style’ for a worry-free dining experience.

“We look forward to welcoming our patrons with worry-free, gourmet dining experiences that they can now truly enjoy with their loved ones—both young and old,” shares Iulai Sau, hotel Director of Operations, adding, “our Executive Sous Chef Lord Bayaban and his culinary team has put together a marvelous buffet selection, including those at the Dampa station where guests simply point and choose what they would like to enjoy and how it will be prepared, ‘turo-turo’ style.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Resorts World Manila First in APAC to Switch to Cage-Free Eggs

(L-R) Hotel Okura Manila General Manager Jan Marshall and Specialty Chef for Yawaragi Chef Ryuji Tsuchida, Multi-property Vice President for the Philippines of Marriott International and General Manager of Marriott Hotel Manila Bruce Winton and Marriott Hotel Manila Executive Chef Meik Brammer, Resorts World Manila Director for Corporate Communications Joee Guilas and Executive Sous Chef of Happy 8 Sew Kong Goh, Sheraton Manila Hotel General Manager Anna Vergara and Executive Chef Kiko Santiago, and Hilton Manila incoming General Manager John Lucas and Executive Sous Chef Lord Bayaban

Resorts World Manila (RWM), the first Integrated Resort (IR) in the Philippines, won praise from LEVER Foundation, a United States-based international NGO, for its commitment to join the global shift towards the use of only cage-free eggs across all hotels, and food and beverage (F&B) outlets in the IR by 2025 as part of its sustainable culinary initiative. 

On March 22, RWM kicked off its overarching sustainability program dubbed, “I Love Earth” with the launch of its Sustainable Culinary initiative advocating the use of cage-free eggs.

Resorts World Manila President and CEO’s overarching message, “Cage-free eggs are just the start. With “I Love Earth,” we are uniting the efforts of RWM and all its hotel partners to promote not just sustainable operations throughout the property, but also sustainable living among our staff and all our stakeholders.” 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Choose the best for your family only with the best-tasting Jollibee Chickenjoy

No family bonding moment is complete without good food to bring us all together. That’s because moments shared with loved ones become better and even stronger when everyone is having a delicious meal to bond over with.

That’s why to make bonding moments with your family the best, it’s only right to give them the best and easiest choice—Jollibee Chickenjoy: everyone’s favorite fried chicken.

Monday, March 21, 2022

All we need is love: Give Love Today with Red Ribbon’s cakes and pastries

There is no better time to give love than today and no reason is too little to show someone how you feel.


In its latest campaign, Red Ribbon showed that expressing love does not always have to be a grand gesture. It could be as simple as giving a cake during a birthday, a simple pick-me-up pastry for a friend who needs cheering up, welcoming someone back home with a sweet treat, or making everyday family moments more special by sharing a cake. Set to the iconic tune “What the world needs now is love sweet love,” Red Ribbon’s video shows that all expressions of love make a world of difference especially now when love is needed the most.

Kickstart your day with these “oh-wow” deliciously healthy pairings!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Aside from boosting your energy levels, having a healthy meal before you start your day can help replenish nutrients in your body.

For those looking to spruce up their morning meals, try pairing it with Vitasoy Plus Milky, a creamy and milky soy milk packed with health benefits.

Here’s how you can level up four breakfast favorites with Vitasoy Plus Milky:

Friday, March 18, 2022

Celebrities, families say yes to the #MangInasalPorkBBQChallenge

After trending on Twitter for several days, Mang Inasal has an awesome surprise for food lovers everywhere as it launched another craze, and this time it's an experience that dares netizens and their families to take on the #MangInasalPorkBBQChallenge.

Even celebrities like Dimples Romana and Kim Atienza have jumped on the trend! They were not able to resist the tender and juicy goodness of Mang Inasal’s Pork BBQ that is paired with flavorful java rice and made even better with its newest addition, the peanut sauce.

Free Nachos for Riders of Mimi & Bros Deliveries on International Day of Happiness

If there’s one thing that Mimi & Bros does best, it’s spreading happiness. On the International Day of Happiness on Sunday, March 20, every order for delivery at Mimi & Bros perks up riders with free nacho chips. 

Yes, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. One can find happiness by satisfying his or her cravings and at the same time allowing the rider assigned to receive Mimi & Bros nacho chips for free. It’s the perfect opportunity to show gratitude to the hardworking riders out there. 

Environment Hero of Banwa Private Island

At Banwa Private Island, team members are everyday heroes who passionately work together in the noble pursuit of protecting Mother Nature. Surrounded by the untouched beauty of the island sanctuary in North-eastern Palawan, the team’s collective love of nature has inspired each one to be custodians of the environment.

Meet Bernard, one of invaluable team heads who leads the Aquos Foundation in its various local conservation endeavors and research initiatives.  The Aquos Foundation, with the mission to conserve, protect and nurture the rich biodiversity in and around the marine protected reserve, is the environmental arm of Banwa Private Island.

Palawan being his childhood playground, Bernard has developed his strong affinity to flora and fauna at a very young age.  As a registered nurse by profession, his intrinsic gift of care and empathy has transcended to both people and nature.  Bernard, a pioneer of Aquos Foundation, has played a vital role in protecting and restoring the habitats of the critically endangered Mantanani Scops Owl, Hawksbill Turtle and the Tabon Bird (Megapode). 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Cool down with a spoonful of the indulgent Jollibee Cookies ‘n Cream Sundae – Now loaded with even more Oreos!

Dessert lovers are sure to love this cool and overloaded Oreo experience from Jollibee

In a tropical country like the Philippines, you can’t ever discount the importance of dessert—especially cold treats. Filipinos are known for their reliable sweet tooth, and they’re always on the lookout for new, and even levelled-up versions of their favorite dessert flavors.

That’s why this summer, Jollibee is here to bring us a classic favorite with their indulgent and delicious Cookies ‘n Cream Sundae! It’s the absolute best way to cool down this season with a creamy vanilla soft-serve, topped with a whole Oreo, crushed Oreos, and choco coating— You get more Oreos in every spoonful than ever before!

Monday, March 14, 2022

Sunday brunches rule with Novotel Manila's Cultural Palates at Food Exchange Manila

Feast on Cultural Palates at Food Exchange Manila 

Starting this March, Food Exchange Manila, the all-day dining restaurant of Novotel Manila, opens its doors to you once more with an all-you-can-eat dining concept that will tickle your taste buds all Sundays! Presenting Cultural Palates to discover every Sunday brunch, that will surely keep you coming back for more.

Cultural Palates by Food Exchange Manila incorporates a different specialty theme every week, this concept was brought about by the F&B team at Novotel Manila so that you can always look forward to a new food adventure every Sunday brunch.

Let children unbox a summer full of wonders with McDonald’s Happy Meal!

Make playtime more fun and exciting by just adding Php 50 to any Happy Meal order to get a new Wonder Apron!

Now that summer is just around the corner, children and parents alike are getting ready with summer activities to learn, play, and explore together. With its new Happy Meal program, McDonald’s is ready to give families a Summer Full of Wonders!

Children will get a delightful surprise toy or book with every Happy Meal! They can also get a new Wonder Apron by just adding Php 50 to any Happy Meal order! These limited edition McDonald’s-themed apron designs are perfect for playtime, arts and crafts, and everything else in between. 

Make your kid’s birthday wishes come true with Red Ribbon’s Rainbow and Cookies and Cream Dedication Cakes!


In the past few years, we’ve come to realize that it’s really the kids who missed out the most during this extraordinary period. One of the things kids really look forward to is celebrating fun and memorable birthday parties with friends, which have gone small and intimate or virtual nowadays.

Still, this doesn’t mean we can’t make kids’ birthday wishes come true in these times. In fact, during this special day, kids really know what they want and how they want to celebrate: with a splash of color, with music, and with their favorite goodies and sweets!

Friday, March 11, 2022

Satisfy your cravings this season with Jollibee’s Tuna Pie!

You can’t go wrong with the crispy-creamy goodness of the Jollibee Tuna Pie!

When it comes to snacks, it’s absolutely true that Filipinos want to munch on something that’s deliciously satisfying. They want something that can easily fill them up, and they sure won’t settle for something that’s bitin.

That’s why you can’t go wrong with the satisfying goodness of the Jollibee Tuna Pie. It’s great to have anytime, anywhere, especially this season. The Jollibee Tuna Pie, available in both Original and Spicy  flavors, never fails to hit the spot with its creamy tuna filling and golden pie crust that delivers crispy-creamy goodness with every bite!

We Are Ready for the World!

Experience the pristine and untouched beauty of Banwa Private Island as The Philippines opens to international travelers

Guests who yearn for privacy, serenity and tranquility in nature can now pursue their much-awaited holiday plans to explore the ultimate exclusive destination, Banwa Private Island, as The Philippines opens its shores to international travellers without any quarantine period.

There’s no better time than now to discover a luxurious hideaway gem nestled in North-eastern Palawan, one of the world’s last frontiers of natural biodiversity.  Remote yet not removed, Banwa Private Island boasts breath-taking views, flourishing flora and fauna, and powder-white sands of the turquoise Sulu Sea.  Charter flights via seaplane, private jet or helicopter will seamlessly take guests from Manila or Clark international airports right to the doorstep of the garden island.

Guests can choose to stay in any of the contemporary-designed villas or decide on an exclusive island charter and craft a dream holiday masterpiece.

Banwa Private Island is the perfect backdrop for shared travel experiences with family and loved ones -- take a plunge in the house reef, go kayaking or paddleboarding and walk on the wild side in the lush, verdant nature trails. 

Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, hop on a boat to explore nearby islands, and say yes to unique adventures.  Embark on a deep-sea fishing excursion, take a short trek to a secret waterfall, or witness the quintessential Palawan sunset on a secluded sand bank while sipping your favorite cocktails.

Start planning now and see the world again. Revive your bucket-list, journey across the oceans and experience an escape unlike any other at Banwa Private Island.

For more information and enquiries, please contact the Reservations team through mobile/WhatsApp: +639178882864, send an email to, or visit

About Banwa Private Island

Banwa Private Island is an intimate all-villa destination for discerning guests wanting to experience in luxury, privacy and designer services in a marine protected and nature reserve.

Located in north-eastern Palawan in the Sulu Sea, Philippines, the island’s lush landscaping provide a perfect environment for nature to thrive. Guests can prefer to be accommodated in one of contemporary-designed beachfront villas or decide on an exclusive island charter giving that privacy that guests may need. 

Remote yet not removed, the island is accessible via charter seaplane direct to the island or helicopter transfers from San Vicente, Puerto Princesa or El Nido directly to the island lawn, after a 1-hour commercial flight from Manila.

Committed to preserving and protecting the nature and biodiversity, Aquos Foundation, Banwa Private Island’s sister company was conceived to support, nurture and protect the island’s delicate ecosystem and its richness of flora and fauna that provides habitat for.

For more information, please visit                                  

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