Monday, February 17, 2020

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila continues road toward sustainability with renewed EarthCheck certification

Marco Polo Ortigas successfully retains its Silver Certification from EarthCheck for the second consecutive year. This photo shows the Hotel's Green Committee led by (from fourth from left) Resident Manager Roel Constantino, Hygiene Manager Elmo Cleofe, and General Manager Frank Reichenbach.

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila has retained its Silver Certification from EarthCheck for the second consecutive year, in line with the Hotel’s commitment to exercise environmentally-responsible and sustainable business practices in its daily operations. EarthCheck is the world’s leading environmental management and professional services group for the travel and tourism industry. 

“Doing good for our community, our environment, and our associates is a basic tenet for good business. Our team at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is proud to have maintained our Silver Certification with EarthCheck,” said Mr. General Manager Frank Reichenbach. 

“This achievement demonstrates the dedication of our associates, partners, and suppliers towards long-term sustainability practices. We are optimistic that more organisations in the hospitality industry will move towards leaving a positive impact in all aspects of operations,” Mr. Reichenbach added.

Tourism is a $1.4 trillion industry which directly affects the destinations it operators within. The very environmental values and cultural assets that attract visitors to destinations need to be protected and responsibly managed. The tourism industry and its operators are key to creating this change. 

Stewart Moore, CEO of EarthCheck, said that the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila has taken a significant leadership position in sustainability. Mr. Moore said, “I would like to congratulate whole team at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila on their achievement. The Hotel remains a valued member of a global group of tourism operators who dare to make a difference.”

By working with EarthCheck, the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is among other industry leaders who are taking meaningful steps towards resolving some of the very real issues that face the planet.

About EarthCheck
EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, we have helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. We understand the value of big ideas and the importance of clear communication. We know that what can be good for the planet is also good for business.

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