Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meet The #UltimateBandkada Judges

Manila, as we know, is brimming with tons of incredible talent. From art to music, gifted individuals have slowly been making themselves known through various events and competitions. Helping us spot some bands with potential are the judges chosen for Greenwich’s The #UltimateBandkada Search.

After a three-month boot camp, eight Bandkada finalists will have to make a lasting impression on a panel of judges comprised of a few of the best in the local music industry, namely: EVP of Viva Music Group MG Mozo, A&R Manager Civ Fontanilla, singer-songwriters Thyro Alfaro and Mark Bautista, Greenwich General Manager Albert Cuadrante, Greenwich Marketing Director Pamela Reyes, and JB Music owner Jericho Fernando. 

The list may sound a tad bit intimidating, but unlike most music competitions, the Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Search is not a hit-the-right-notes-or-go-home kind of event. The seven judges are looking for more than just the musical prowess.  

“Aside from being a hit-potential, I look for a band that’s different—in terms of music as well as how they present themselves,” says Civ Fontanilla.

“You can always feel if a singer or a group of singers really have that much passion for their craft,” adds MG Mozo. “When they sing, you can feel the emotion. And being in a band, well, they have to jive in their looks, their sounds, and their attitudes. It has to be one whole package. It has to be one whole team.”

Proving that they are a team will be one of the biggest challenges for the eight Bandkadas because one of their major tasks is to incorporate a mash up of two or more genres into an original Greenwich theme song. 

“Mash ups are very interesting,” says MG Mozo. “For you to be able to weave different kinds of genre in one song, that would really entail much creativity and talent. It has to feel good and sound good to the ears.”

There will always be something new and interesting from the younger and fresher minds; and guidance from mentors and judges can turn something creative into a brilliant masterpiece. As the judges unearth new talents, stoke their fires,and critique them in terms of originality, genre mash up, audience impact, chemistry, and stage presence, they will also simultaneously act as support beams. Because where there is talent, there should also be people to nurture it, making sure their stars stay shining bright.

Get to know each band, watch them perform and vote for your favorite. The band with the highest number of votes will be given the Favorite ng Barkada Award at the finale on August 8, 2015 in Valkyrie @ The Palace, Uptown BGC.

Avail of your daily free vote or buy any of The #UltimateBandkada Feast for additional votes. For more information, please visit

The Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Search is in partnership with MTV Pinoy, Viva Records and JB Music.

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