Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fish & Co. presents the Ultimate Fish-Mates, a feast of flavors!

Flavor is four times the fun as FISH & CO. launches “Ultimate Fish-Mate” - a perfect meal good enough for you and three others. Aside from the Best Fish And Chips in Town, this Ultimate Fish-Mates will surely be the group’s latest favorite.

Delight in this newest combination platter that includes satisfying servings of Seafood Curry, Leg, Thigh, Peri-Peri Chicken and steamed rice. Enjoy every bite of the savory chicken marinated in spicy Peri-peri as it marries beautifully with seafood drenched in curry sauce. Priced at P995, this could easily be your next combination dish of choice.

I have always loved Fish & Co for the longest time!  Glad they always dish up new offerings of winning combinations that bring together the best of their menu and  that  get guests hooked all over again!  To know more about Fish & Co., check us out at

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