Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Italianni's new ‘TASTES OF ITALY’ dishes - inspired by authentic Italian flavors

The passion and flair that Italians are known for are evident, not only in their culture and the arts, but in their cuisine as well.   Antipastos and primos lovingly tease the palate;  secondos are savory, they immediately satisfy while dolces are  decadent, you could not afford to miss a mouthful.

The delectable dishes of Italy come alive in Italianni’s new offerings collectively known as  “Tastes of Italy.”   Created by Bistro Corporate Chef, Josh Boutwood, these were inspired by the authentic flavors of the region using fresh ingredients.  What’s more, they are available in big  servings that are made for sharing, staying true to the Italian tradition of  celebrating with family and friends over mounds of food on the dining table.

Start off with Osso Bucco di Fattoria, a Milanese specialty of veal shanks braised in a  richly-flavored sauce of vegetables and wine.  Served on a bed of polenta, it is rustic and comforting which explains why Chef Josh chose to add fattoria (farm) to its name.

The heartiness of Italian cuisine is also apparent in Agnello Brasato, lamb shanks  cooked in a robust mixture of vegetables, red wine and other seasonings.   Choose between creamy polenta or garlic mashed potatoes to soak up the delicious sauce.

Dining at Italianni’s is not for the faint-hearted, especially when feasting on hearty meat dishes like pancetta or Italian pork belly.  Chef Josh has prepared the Pancetta Croccante e Vongole which are crispy fried pork ribs and Manila clams served with Arancini (or Italian rice croquettes).

The vast coastline of Italy also presents a  great opportunity for relishing seafood.  Italianni’s introduces the Parmesan & Garlic crusted Atlantic Cod, a light but filling fish dish seared with lemon potatoes and little neck clam sauce. And while you’re at it, have your favorite glass of wine with the Pan-Seared Peppered Fish. Italianni’s has opted for the popular Tilapia and melded it with mixed fresh almond infused pappardelle, artichoke, sundried tomatoes and olives.

“Tastes of Italy” guarantees that you’ll get the most out of your Italian dining experience in every visit.  Italianni’s warm and effusive flavors beckon you. Come in. Have a taste.

To know more about Italianni’s, check out its website; like Italianni’s on Facebook: and follow on twitter and instagram @italiannisph

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