Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This is Eats 2015!

Eats 2015

Eats now or never!  That is what's becoming of Manila.  It is all about where to eat!  Manila has seen countless fresh food concepts both local and foreign opening left and right, and there shows no signs of stopping at all.  The Philippine market has blossomed to be one of most discerning of tastes which has seen a selection of the finest chefs in the world taking their culinary expertise to the country and letting Filipinos have a share of the best the world has to offer.   

The best thing about it is Filipino consumers is that they not afraid to try something new. The open-mindedness of food lovers and converted food lovers made the Manila culinary scene very appealing for businessmen in the food industry. Almost everybody call themselves foodies who not only eat out but are also inspired to experiment and try their luck in the kitchen.


  The question on where to eat or what to try next has been a growing challenge, yes it is.. I have been on countless times where I headed out with my car and didn't really have an idea as to where to eat, with so many choices in hand, it has indeed become a boggle.  

And to give you a heads-up on what great food experiences to enjoy for the year 2015, Northern and Southern Living scoured the freshest concepts in your neighborhood. And Eats 2015 is our curated guide of the best among the most unique and interesting dining experiences the team had the past year. This book will help you trim down your options through comprehensive narration on what happens past the kitchen doors and inside the dining hall. 

Aside from the book’s mouthwatering visual appeal, Eats 2015 focused on not only the food and the experience but also the stories of passion behind each new dining place. New restaurateurs and chefs introduced unique concepts to the market. On the other hand, established food industry luminaries are pushed to reinvent and eventually level up the competition—that makes the scene exciting for both the producers and consumers.


    For this year’s special edition of Eats, it also includes a few easy-to-prepare recipes for those who want to try something new at the comforts of their own home. There are eight refreshing and undemanding recipes perfect for small gatherings with friends and family. Remember that there is always an option to stay at home to eat and entertain a few guests. These intimate gatherings never get old and are still very much appreciated anyway.
Eats is presented by Hinge Inquirer Publications’ Northern and Southern Living, and powered by Avida Land. It is available in all leading bookstores nationwide.  Grab a copy now for only P95.00

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Feel free to share your new discoveries with #HIPeats, and tag us. Let’s all exchange experiences and our next feature might be just outside your doorstep.  Let's Eat!

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