Friday, January 30, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings Now Open in the Philippines!

Buffalo Wild Wings opens in the Philippines
First in Asia!!

Yup they are here!  The ultimate sports playground, where you can enjoy great tasting food, loads of your favorite beer and great sports entertainment!  Buffalo Wild Wings Manila will rock your world!

All smiles as Buffalo Wild Wings welcomes you

So what has Buffalo Wild Wings have in store for us.


Great sports action projected at large LED screens!


More LED TVs


and more LED TVs


And much much more LED TVs!  They have got the whole place covered!

So if you want to watch the NFL, NHL, NBA, PBA, FIBA, Formula 1, FIFA or whatever sports catches your fancy, you can be sure they have it here at Buffalo Wild Wings!  I guess I know where I'll be when the next Pacquiao fight happens.  And guess what Superbowl is happening in a week or two!

But more than great sports entertainment, of course what's entertainment without good food!  And what is Buffalo Wild Wings known for?  Hand-Spun Buffalo Wings!!! 


Choose your spiciness!  From Sweet BBQ to Buffalo Wild Wing's Blazin' hot sauce!  In my opinion you really have to try out the blazin' hot Buffalo Wild Wings, I felt my mouth numb for a while haha but it's all good!  And I love it!

Other than serving great tasting wings, they have burgers, salads, fajitas and more!  Everything that you have wanted to have a fantastic time.

Pair your favorite wings with choices of choices of your booze!  With a vast choice of local and international brand of beers, whatever nationality you may be, we all come together and celebrate great times, great beers!


Now let's see That Perfect Draft come to life!


Be part of what Buffalo Wild Wings is all about!  Kudos for Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery for making it all a reality.


Now let's get wingin'


Let's drink to good times!  Wings. Beers. Sports!  
Buffalo Wild Wings!

Visit Buffalo Wild Wings at the newly opened G/F Estancia Mall at Capital Commons, Pasig City

Buffalo Wild Wings is brought over from the USA with the expertise of The Bistro Group, who also has some of our favorite restaurants in tow such as TGIFridays, Itallianni's Village Tavern, Bulgogi Brothers, Siklab, Krazy Garlik, Tonkatsu by Terazawa, Watami, Modern Shanghai, Fish & Co.

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