Monday, September 15, 2014

Get closer to that FREE Starbucks Beverage with more ways to Earn Stars at Starbucks!

It has been a good year for Starbucks Cards!  Yes, can you believe that it has only just been one year since Starbucks Philippines first introduced the Starbucks Card in the Philippines!  And yes, you should have all gotten your FREE Beverage upon registration and your slice of birthday cake on your birthday month!  If not, what are you waiting for?  Grab a Starbucks Card now and enjoy the benefits!

But wait, have you eagerly been waiting and collecting those beverage stars as you inch closer and closer to your next FREE Starbucks beverage?  Here is great news! and some good changes as well.

Starting September 16, 2014, the minimum reload amount for a Starbucks Card starts at P300 with P100 increments, of course the limit of P10k still applies, with this, you get to reload less and enjoy more Starbucks drinks and reduce your waiting times in line.

And the best news yet!  For a very limited time, Earn a beverage star for every P300 reload you do on a Starbucks card from Sept. 16 - 22, 2014.  Now that is indeed great news!

So if you load up P3,000, you instantly get 10 stars!  You do the math! So want more FREE Starbucks beverages?  Then reload more!  Now you don't just get beverage stars by using your Starbucks Card, you get FREE beverage stars just by reloading as well.

Remember this offer is only for a limited time!  See you at a Starbucks Store near you!

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