Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ippudo now in Manila, Philippines 一風堂 opens at SM Mega Fashion Mall


Ippudo Philippines will open their doors to Ramen crazy Filipinos all over on September 10, 2014.  Will you be one of the thousands lining up on opening day to taste Ippudo's authentic ramen creations, if not get ready to wait in line more in the next few days when word goes out that Ippudo has finally opened in Manila.

Yota Shiiba, Ippudo Philippines
I haven't had the privilege of visiting Ippudo in any of our neighboring Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan and of course Japan, more so at far flung countries such as USA and UK, so I'm so glad that Ippudo finally sets foot on Philippine soil and opens their first branch in Manila.

Opening September 10, 2014, Ippudo Philippines will finally satisfy ramen lovers all over the metro who crave for authentic Hakata-style tonkotsu Ramen.

But before you head over to Ippudo, let me take you to a brief food extravaganza that will surely leave you wanting more and more to have a taste of Ippudo


For appetizers, the Goma Q, cucumber with sweet sesame sauce, sprinkled with salt and paprika powder, makes a refreshing crunchy appetizing treat, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, considering I am not a fan of cucumbers.


Dashimaki Tamago with Mentaiko Mayo


Curry Cheese Harumaki, a crunchy deep-fried treat, the Cheese and curry sauce just adds a little spice to the already flavorful meat, dip it with mustard sauce, makes for this tempting and addicting Ippudo appetizer.


Oh this I so so love!  Ippudo Hakata-style Gyoza!  Probably one of the best gyozas I have had in my life!  No joke.. at first I thought to myself, this should be another boring gyoza, but boy was I wrong.  Ippudo's gyoza are steamed and pan fried to give a crisp crust on the bottom and then dipped in their special gyoza sauce, spells heaven in every single bite of that juicy meat, the gyoza wrapper is chewy and plump which I feel is the perfect way to do gyoza.


Shiromaru Motoaji, Ippudo's signature original tonkotsu broth served with ultra-thin noodles, generous slices of pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions.Creamy soup goodness people all over have fallen in love with.


Akamaru Shinaji, Ippudo's tonkotsu broth with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil, with thin noodles, pork belly, kikurage and spring onions, served with a hint of spice.


Karaka-Men, Ippudo's tonkosu broth served with wavy noodles, pork belly and spring onions, topped with special spicy minced meat, miso paste and garlic oil, adds life to your favorite noodles, order an additional set of noodles, whenever you like having more.


Do request for the Kids set so that you may share your ramen order.  One order is good for 2 if you are a light eater, but should be no problem for ramen lovers.


A dining experience like no other, Ippudo Philippines promises to give you only the best and authentic ramen experience just as if you had dined in Japan.  

Let's see each other at Ippudo starting September 10 and marvel at delicious and authentic great tasting ramen.

Ippudo Philippines
3rd Floor, SM Mega Fashion Mall
SM Megamall, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City

Instagram - @ippudoph
Twitter - @ippudoph

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