Friday, September 5, 2014

Here comes Zabo Chicken!

Zabo 18 Spice Chicken Now Roasting!

Chicken there, Chicken everywhere, they taste all the same right?  Not anymore!  With Zabo chicken, marinated with 18 spices, made fresh everyday, me the "Chicken Lover" says Yay!  Finally a chicken I look forward to eating everyday!



So there is where is all the "Magic" happens.... there's no trade secret just pure chicken "Magic"

The Magic is how they make their chicken ooze with flavor, marinating it on the day itself with 18 spices, no preservatives, they literally have no freezer on the store, so they are made fresh, roasted fresh everyday!  That's the magic, Zabo Chicken brings.

Other than their famous roasted chicken are their other tasty treats...

Have some Pita bread and Hummus (P70)


Falafel balls in a cup of 3 (P75)


Large Cut Fries (P75), that I adore so much.  Just like your home made fries, not from your usual fastfood


Now for some heavy stuff, try Zabo Wraps, on the picture is the Zabu Beef Wrap (160), other choices  include Zabo Chicken Wrap, Chicken Turna Wrap and Veggie Wrap


And now we have Zabo Chicken!  Choose your appetite size from a Quarter Roast Chicken with rice at P165, Half Chicken with rice at P240 or One whole chicken only for P420.  Every bite of the juicy roast chicken oozes with flavors only the mind would envy, the tongue for having tasted the aroma and flavorful piece of meat

The Aroma of the roast chicken, trust me when you are here just keeps you going, with hints of Mediterranean spices, garlic, rosemary, peppercorns, tumeric Cinnamon, Paprika and more, so heavenly.

But wait the happy thoughts does not stop here, get to enjoy a rice buffet with every rice meal you order for only P29.00!!! Yup that is right!


Fill yourself up with the P29.00 Unlimited Rice offer with choices of ZABO Chicken Rice, ZABO Spicy Chicken Rice, Carrot Rice, Brown Rice, Garlic or Steamed White Rice

Cap up your meal with Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Mint ice cream, a refreshing ice cream concoction.  The cooling mint sensation coupled with ice cold ice cream, was a feeling I can never forget, so cool and relaxing.



Zabo Chicken is like no other chicken that I have ever tasted, that is why is they are already gaining a lot of loyal customer who just comes back for more.

Zabo Chicken is now roasting at SM Jazz Mall, SM City BF Paranaque, Sky Garden, SM North EDSA, Glorietta 4 Food Choices and Ayala Fairview Terraces.

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