Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time Travel Recipe by Willie Evangelista

I hate Mondays – rest days are over, emails are backed up and it is super traffic.  I also hate Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays because you still have to go to work.  Fridays – not so much.  I still need to make money, you know.
I hope there is some way to make it seem like Friday because Fridays are awesome!  I know!  I’ll cook my Time Travel Recipe by Willie Evangelista a.k.a. Guisadong Monggo!
1.    Monggo - soaked in water and boiled for 30 minutes
2.    Pork, sliced into small pieces
3.    Salt
4.    Water
5.    Cooking oil
6.    Garlic, minced
7.    Tomato, chopped
8.    Onion, chopped
9.    Ampalaya leaves
10.    Ampalaya fruit
11.    Fish sauce
12.    Magic sarap to taste

1. Boil monggo in pot of water until skin is slowly removing itself from the seed then set aside

2. Put pork, salt and water in another pot.  Bring to medium heat until water is reduced.  Add cooking oil to fry until golden brown, set aside

3. Heat cooking oil and saute garlic onions and tomato in a large sauce pot, then add fish sauce and ampalaya fruit

4. Add the boiled monggo including the water and cover to simmer.  You may add water if you wish.

5. Add fish sauce and salt to taste

6. Add ampalaya leaves then mix and let simmer for another 5 minutes

7. Plate Guisadong Monggo.  Served best with fried GG (galunggong).

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