Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Hash Brown Burger at Jollibee

Say what? Hash brown Burger?

Yes you read that right!  I have heard of outrageous burger combinations in the past, they are quite extraordinary and indeed delicious, like the ones we had at Boulevard Diner.  Where gourmet burger makers are breaking boundaries as to what should be in your burger.  And just recently the big names are making some big changes and great creativity with their burgers.  

Yes we have previously had 2 reviews of the chicken burgers of a particular chicken fast food company.  They were liked by many, despised by some, but still it made waves of such extent that they run out of stock for a while.  And now, Jollibee the no. 1 fast food chain in the country is now exploring new horizons, such as their chicken nuggets, which I don't really like and their new offering The Hash brown Burger.

 A rectangular box opens to Hash brown burger.  And basically what you see is what you get! 100% pure beef patty, pan grilled with a slice of cheese on top and ketchup on the bottom enclosed by 2 whole baked hash browns

 From the looks of it, you can see just how small the Hash brown burger is, the patty also is the same burger patty you get with your cheeseburger, just a little rectangular than usual to shape the hashbrown.

And so comes the taste test, I love hash browns so this is something I would be expecting to be good.  Overall, I was tasting hash browns all over, I don't even taste the burger patty anymore, since the hash brown's flavor was overpowering.  The juice flowing out as you take bite after bite hopefully is not oil but the juice of the potatoes, glad these hash browns were baked and not fried, or else I would be feeling a little dizzy now.

And to finish this post, The Hash Brown Burger should be on the list of must eat burgers in your lifetime.  Maybe you would like it, maybe you don't.  But at least you would say that you have tried out the Hash Brown Burger and cross that off your bucket list.  Try it for only P64.00 ala carte and P80.00 with drinks included.  Now a pairing fries would not be practical since you are eating it with your burger already.

See you on the next food find.

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  1. Thanks pinkoolaid for dropping by!! Wow Nuffnang blogger of the month visiting =)

  2. I'd love to try that! Looks yummy.

  3. wow! gotta visit jollibee soon!

    will share your post.

  4. yummmmm will definitely try this out..TODAY! hahaha takaw :P im glad nga they baked the hash browns

  5. Wow. bago to?? Will try this later! haha.

  6. Thanks guys for visiting... have a taste of something new and different.. try it now.


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