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Experience Nomama Artisanal Ramen


Nomama Artisanal Ramen by Chef Him Uy de Baron

The Food club chanced upon to visit Nomama in Scout Tuazon, even before the resto diner formally opened its doors just this September.  We were privileged to be the first few to have experienced Nomama in their soft opening, with Chef Him Uy de Baron personally cooking us dinner.  Hmmm what a treat!


Nomama is a no-nonsense Japanese fusion resto, with all things as basic as they come, no fancy furnishings, just comfy seats, perfect lighting and great food.


You would be amazed that even though it is set as simple as it is, you can't help but notice the simple, elegant yet functional details of the place.  The kitchen oh so clean and arranged, where you get to see all your food prepared right before your eyes.

And alas here comes our set menu for the evening.


Beef tataki with sweet potato chips

Made with pure Angus Beef, a great appetizing treat, sliced, diced, shredded to bits, yet still tastes awesome, beef in every bite.  Chef Him makes you appreciate Angus beef without the need for any chewing but full with all the flavor.  Complement it with sweet potato chips, just right.


Soft shell crab salad with Nomama dairy dressing

A signature dish of Chef Him, whole crab taken off the shell, battered and fried to a crisp while preserving the rich and flavorful taste of meaty crab on top a salad with Nomama's very own dairy dressing


Duo of Gyoza Classic Pork and Mushroom

At first, I was wondering doesn't Gyoza taste the same wherever you go?  But in the hand of a master chef such as Chef Him, a classic Gyoza dish can go from ordinary to spectacular, I love it!  All I could think of in my mind was, I want more!


Snapper with Orange Gatsrique and A Shisso and Cherry Tomato Salad

The Snapper tasted really fresh, it was very crisp to the bite, steamed to perfection, showcasing that only the freshest produce and ingredients are used to give you that delicious sensation


Short Rib curry with Roasted Kobacha

The beef short rib mixed with Japanese curry and topped with roasted Kobacha (Japanese squash), was something I really liked.  Easy to chew and also the meat packed so much flavor from the long cooking time for this dish that juiced the fatty part  that made it so delicious


Our fellow foodie, Irene who is not a beef person, was given by Chef Him a special dish which was Roasted Chicken on top of a variety of mushrooms, yummy looking right?  And on the last part of our meal we were given 3 choices of Ramen to curb our cravings and here they are:


Nomama Ramen

Nomama's signature Ramen was a blend of pork asado with seaweeds and stir fried veggies on the side, with a sliced soy egg to garnish (P290)


Thai green curry Ramen

Crisp barbecued chicken in Thai green curry side with green veggies was the choice of my foodie friends Fran and Paul (P310)


Ox Tongue and Chili Tofu Ramen

And mine was this fabulous ramen, everyone expected it to be spicy because of the chili involved but on my part, the spiciness of the Ramen was something I could manage.  The Ox tongue (lengua) was easy to bite into, and the sauce packed some salt and chili flavor, would suggest to mix it out on the soup so as to dilute it.  And I love the Japanese Ramen, in the Chinese way of speaking " 很 Q".  


Kit Kat Bar

And to cap the night off, desserts in KitKat Bar, inspired by the Kit Kat bar, which was melted to make this one a kind dessert, if you love Kit Kat, then this is a must order.
Try it out, you'll never be disappointed


They also served Ginger Ale and other alcoholic drinks to whisk the night away.


Chef Him Uy de Baron welcomes you to Nomama

Nomama Artisinal Ramen
G/F FSS Bldg. 2, Scout Tuason cor. Scout Castor
Quezon City, Philippines
(632) 542 2558
(63) 917 522 8272

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