Friday, December 16, 2011

Buffet 101 : Dine in 5-star luxury

Buffet 101 International Cuisine

Filipinos love food.  Maybe it be Chinese cuisine, Japanese maki, French specialties and even American favorites that include burgers and the like.  We already have our dinners plans even as we are having our lunch, that is how we are so attached to our food.  And luckily someone out there heard us and they are Buffet 101.


Buffet 101 features international cuisines from all over the world, expanding through 4 continents with mostly Asian culinary favorites.  Buffet 101 features a five-star hotel dining setting, giving you that lavish feeling with posh lights and decors, making your dining experience one you will remember and talk about for the next few days.


Now let me take you to a food drooling experience, and indulge me as I take the rounds and experience food coma all over again.


Dimsum treats abound, Hakau, Spare ribs, Streamed Shanghai dumplings


Salads Galore



Freshly made Japanese treats


Hot soup with pastry bread



Fresh from the sea mussels and oyster infused with cheese and butter


Crispy fried Chinese chicken



Korean double fried chicken with sesame seeds just like Bon Chon chicken


Fresh catch from the sea which you can request to be cooked at your liking


such as these Fried crabs in garlic and leeks


Specials include Peking Duck


They even have a suahe counter, where Live Suahe is catch upon a basin and steamed fresh right before you, oh they are really good


U.S. Prime rib for your cravings


And to match all that food you can have, a drink-all-you-can draft beer is also included in the buffet.  Fruit juices, sodas, coffee and tea are also yours for the taking





And to cap it all up, these yummy, delicious and sweet desserts complete your dining experience.  Be sure not to eat too much sweet or you will definitely be sleep when you sugar levels go up.

Now featuring over 80 dishes and dozens more dessert treats, an affordable price of only P599 during lunch time from Mondays to Fridays and P799 during dinner time, P999 during Saturdays and Sundays whole day including Holidays.  With kids below 4 ft at P499 and kids below 3 ft eating for FREE, this is still their opening promo rate until Jan. 15, 2012.  So hurry and make your reservations.

Message from Buffet 101 - To our valued customers: To celebrate the Christmas season, we will be adding more food selections to our menu. Therefore, starting December 19, we will adjust our price from P599 on weekdays lunch to P660, and from P799 on weekdays dinner to P860. Weekends and holidays rate will still be P999. Kids rate will still be P499. Eat-And-Drink-All-You-Can. No service charge.


Buffet 101 International Cuisine 
San Miguel by the bay, SM Mall of Asia near Microtel
Tel Nos: 556-2888, 556-3888
Opens daily 11:00am-2:30pm,5:30pm-10:00pm
Visit their Facebook page at

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  1. For a buffet with such variety of food, the introductory price is really really good! :) We'll definitely head over Buffet 101 soon.

  2. all the fooood .. looks so yummy, w8 for us soonnnnn

  3. hello! which one is the best to go and eat? Vikings or Buffet 101? My friends are planning to eat on one of these buffets. :) thanks for the reply!

  4. Hi Kaze,

    Honestly, both of them are great, each has their own flavour,if you are more on Chinese dishes it must be Buffet 101. If you like yogurt shakes it must be Vikings. When it comes to price, Buffet 101 is cheaper. But when it comes to variety Vikings has that covered.

    So it really depends on you guys, but most important of all, its the company of friends you are with so that you'd enjoy the food more. =P Enjoy!

  5. Oh I see. We'll do the coin flipping again. Haha!

    Thank you! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yup, I guess the original prices were just for promotion. =P

  7. is it usually full on weekdays? is it easy for walk ins to get a table po? :)

    1. Weekday lunch would be better. If you want to do walk-in try and go there around 6PM I'm quite sure they will have seats for you, well if you are just a couple it won't be a problem. But if its like you are a group, you may have to wait a while.

      Enjoy the food!

    2. viking's is way better than buffet 101. bar prep, specially the presentation. it looks way better on vikings and the taste is superb.vikings offer more variety specialy filipino food.the carvery station in generous and there are so many hi valued products than buffet 101. i tried both. ill definetely go back to vikings not to mention they have cheaper and special rates for kids.u can even bring ur own bottle.without corkage.

  8. hello good afternoon. i just wanna ask if the price of your buffet is still like what is posted.would it be possible to have a table if we walk in weekdays?ahm we're around 50.

  9. Buffets offer a more affordable way to dine out, but most buffets offer the same things as all the others, with very little variety or quality.

    Chicago Buffet

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