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Shanghai Surprise at Jasmine Restaurant - New World Hotel


The New World Hotel in Makati City, Jasmine Fine Cantonese cuisine cordially invites you to experience a culinary treat like no other.  Savoring Cantonese cuisine from renowned special guest chef, Wong Kam Chung from Shanghai, China.

This September, discover Chef Wong Kam Chung from Shanghai's renowned YUE 1525 restaurant, as he showcases Cantonese cuisine as you have never experienced here in the Philippines.  With fresh produce and ingredients flown in from different parts of the world to give you that satisfying degustation.

All part of his creations, Chef Wong came to Shanghai to open YUE 1525 directly from Hong's famous Dragon King Restaurant in Wanchai where he was head chef for 5 years, especially known for his home-grown favourites of claypot dishes and double-boiled soups for which the Cantonese are well-known.


Enjoy the best food in this posh and modern Chinese restaurant setting here in the metro, relish the sights and sounds in true Chinese setting, hearing hymns and songs that are reminiscent of those in Hong Kong and China.  A treat for the senses.


Enjoy utmost privacy with special function rooms to cater for special occasions and functions.  And now let me showcase to you why Jasmine is one of Makati's most sought after Cantonese Cuisine restaurant.


For appetizer we had Lotus roots stuffed with glutinous rice


Radish and carrot in sour sauce, It has that stingy taste that my dad would so love... radish in appetizers is very common in Chinese dishes, and also gives that added flavor to your favorite appetizers

And what is Chinese cuisine without dim sum right?  Here we have four (4)  dim-sum specials only found in Shanghai and here in Jasmine


Atop is the Wagyu Beef with mango roll 

A mix of Chinese and Western bests that makes a new and delicious dim sum treat.


Steamed scallops, fresh bean curd 

As much as it looks delicious, I am really not a fan of bean curd so I was not able to take a bite of this


Steamed lobster and vegetable dumplings 

Much like Hakaw but better and tastier with the scent of fresh lobster and a mix of tasty vegetables, much to my liking


And last for dim-sum, Steamed Shanghainese pork dumpling with goose liver

Looks somewhat like a xiao long bao, but not soupy as a xiao long bao.  Delicious and tasty and look at that neat, cute looking dim sum container... I want one at home for display =P


Our main dish for the night started off with Pan Fried Razor Clams

which are specially flown in from France, fried crisp to a batter with a sweet tangy sauce was one of my favorites of the night


Steamed Mantis with egg white 

one exotic dish indeed, though available in many Chinese restaurants but is one of the best tasting mantis in the metro, better than prawns, the next best thing to lobster


Steamed sea garoupa, soya bean in lotus leaf 

steamed fresh with all the taste and aroma from the lotus leaf settling in makes it more enticing, steamed just enough for the juices to flow as you feast on the tender fish meat


Wok fried fillet of beef, wasabi sauce 

perfect with rice, a mix of asparagus shoots, green and red pepper, gave it a little spicy texture, yet holds in that beefy flavor that I fell in love with that night


Shanghainese chicken curry in clay pot

Fresh chicken cutlet in curry sauce, slow cooked in clay pot to a delightful mix of flavors and spices 


Assorted seafood with rice and soup

Almost like porridge but a totally different rice food experience


Coconut pudding, osmanthus and bird's nest with Oolong tea creme brulee

A must-have is the Oolong tea creme brulee, I admire that Oolong tea flavor was infused inside with no bitter after taste, and sugar conscious people would not fear of it being too sweet.  The coconut pudding is also a great compliment to a very fulfilling night of extraordinary dishes


Thanks to the skillful tastes of Jasmine's Head Chef Choi and guest Chefs Wong Kam Chung and Ng Wing Fu of YUE 1525 Restaurant for gracing the doors of Jasmine to the delight of all their loyal guests and food enthusiasts.

Shanghai Surprise at Jasmine is available to give you delight from September 19 to October 1, 2011, and after which the best loved dishes will remain a part of Jasmine mainstay dishes.  Other than the dishes being presented here, more creations of Chef Wong are still to be served on the palate.

Jasmine Cantonese Cuisine
2/F New World Hotel Makati
Esperanza St. cor. Makati Avenue,
Makati City 1228, Philippines

For more information and reservations, please call New World Makati City, at 811-6888 local 3338.

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  1. The Wagyu Beef dimsum was the best among the dishes! sarap!


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