Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Persian treats from Alfahkr's


Along the long stretch of Maginhawa St. near Quezon Memorial Circle towards U.P. Diliman, a vast pool of mini eating places, restos, hang-out places and even social drinking spots have seen light, and is making Maginhawa street indeed one of the must-go places to visit for a quick fix, or even a barkada night out.

And with that in mind, we got to try Alfahkr's Persian Food.  Pronounced as it clearly spells, the name traces its roots from Arab meanings.  Though it has indeed carry a name hard to forget.

Aside from the usual appetizers Hummus (P45) with pita bread (P10) and Grilled Persian Chicken in breading.  Among the other favorites for appetizers include Ox Brain at P60.00 (left) and Keema Platter (beef) at P60.00 as well, best with spice and Alfahkr's very own garlic sauce.


As I was taking pictures and appreciating the appetizers presented to me, something caught my attention, that great smell of grilled meat!  Ah Yes, The Chicken and Beef Kebab Combo, 2 grilled goodness of delicious tender beef and juicy chicken kebab.  Hot and fresh just the way I like it.


What is Persian food without grilled tomatoes, right? Yummy.


Delicious looking wouldn't you agree?  With a choice of Pita Bread or Buttered Rice, smoother it with Garlic sauce, you just know you will be in for gastronomic treat.
Priced at only P125.00 is definitely a steal.


Beef and Chicken Curry Kebab (P 140) a combination of the best kebabs and pure unadulterated Persian curry


And the main event of the evening Alfahkr's Lambchops, Australian lamb basted in Alfahkr's secret marinade and grilled to perfection, trust me you really have to try this.  And what's best about it is you won't even spend a fortune for that tasty piece of lamb.  At only P165.00, it has become one of the best sellers of the house.  Just tell them you want it grilled fresh, full of flavor and perfect with their yogurt shakes in plain, strawberry, mango or banana flavors.
Alfahkr's Persian Food
79-C Maginhawa St.
Brgy. Teacher's Village 
Quezon City
6979061 / 09223043634

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  1. Alfahkr's lambchops brought me to heaven! :)

    Have you tried Pino resto bar? That's along Maginhawa too. That's my favorite in the Maginhawa stretch.

  2. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for visiting... Thanks for sharing, hope I could visit Maginhawa again soon, so much to eat there =p


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