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The Food Alphabet at The Ultimate Taste Test!!!

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test

The day has finally arrived, Sept. 3, 2011.  The day when all foodies, food lovers, food aficionados and food enthusiasts all come into one place The Ultimate Taste Test at the Rockwell Tent.  Now on its 6th year of bringing in the best foods of the metro into one place to go through the stringent process of food tastes by the discerning and food fanatics alike, it promises to be an experience like no other.

Only once in a year, we are given the chance to be food critics of the best delicacies the metro has to offer.  Everyone at the food event, was given their own Passport and enclosed inside was rating sheet, to write down your view as well any feedback on how the food was presented to you?  May it be good or bad, it serves as a complement and inspiration of the food concessionaire to do better.

This year we have a total of 55 Food Finds, specially selected by the Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) review crew, to provide a food experience like no other.  Troops of foodies marched their way to Rockwell tent and there foods good enough for a thousand were prepared to satisfy the hungry, the salivating and for everyone else who needed a food rush!

As much as I would like to try all 55 of the great food finds, I was limited to as how much my tummy could really fathom from the mountains of food being served, even though they were just sample portions of the food, they can really fill you up.

Here are some of my favorites:

 Tina's Pie Outlet

- featuring tarts of Shitake with Swiss Gruyere,
Prawns in Aligue and Chicken with Chorizo, Callos

The tarts had a hot crispy outer skin, and even though I only got to taste the Prawns in Aligue, it gave a great impression that I really wanted to try other offers that Tina's Pie Outlet are serving, sad thing is that they didn't sell on that day.  

But you can always catch them at Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City that they are a mainstay of the weekend market.

Marla's Original Munchee's

This wonderful sweet delight by Marla's, reminds me so much of "Poprice", the ones which I always munch on when I was still a kid, even now I still long for it.  But Marla's redefined it and made it even better. I guess this is made up of cereal but its their secret recipe, so lets leave them to that.  Crunchy and chewy at the same time, Sweet and very addicting.  Don't forget I told you addicting ok.

Baked by Anita
- Bacon and Maple Mini Cupcake,
Roasted Strawberry Mini Cupcake

A sweet selection of the best cupcakes made better everyday with Baked by Anita
these were an instant hit and I just had to come back for more.

Yema Balls and Sylvannas by Sugarhouse

These sweet little creations has a following amongst their loyal customers,
they are sweet, creamy and absolutely delicious.

 Pinakbest's Bagnet, Chicharon and Empanada

One that has been attracting attentions and forming long lines is Pinakbest's offerings freshly made and fried Empanada mixed with vinegar, coupled with Bagnet and Chicharon was a perfect mix of what I call "Sinful life extenders" or should I say the opposite way around.  But what is life without these sinful treats.  Enjoy some and then enjoy some more.

Chef C's Paella De Andaluz

A mix of the freshest catch from the sea and one of most loved delicacy of the Filipinos, Paella never ceases to capture a hungry soul, and they are indeed delicious and definitely a must-try at the Ultimate Taste Test.

Of course we can't live on food alone right?  Good thing Bugle Boy Distributors Corp. brought Arizona Ice tea, and on the left Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng.  A cool refreshing drink which kills your thirst while cleansing your body as well.  On the right we have ehem... Party Fuel blended cocktails "Mojito Mocktail" mixed with ice, perfect for any party.

Thilo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

With their special concoctions and flavor mixes of their chocolate bars, this is a sugar rush you will never want to stop.  Can you imagine mango flavors in your chocolate bar?

I love this! Elle's Torta - Torta Cebuana

On the left we have cupcakes by Kiddie Affairs, nice touch right? And on the right we have  The Flying Chef with their Ham and Cheese Empanada, cute and yummy to eat really!

Eat my GF, Original Garlic Fries with Toppings, a new twist in having your fries.  Better than any powder you have mixed with your fries, and that's a guarantee

And last of my favorites for the day,  
Luigi's Chicken Cordon Bleu with cream cheese and Phillychanga 

Well there were a lot more foods on parade that day, with the likes of Sushi Mo, Hyphy's, Chef's Table, Spring by Ha Yuan, Cafe Mediterranean and Chori Chori burger joint to name a few, with desserts overflowing from Mochiko, Symphony of flavors, The Sweet Life by Ange, Yoh-Gee and a whole lot more.

Overall I spent the whole day eating, drinking and having a grand time.  And I was so full, that I was not even able to have my supper.  Whooh!  A full stomach.  Next up, exercise!  I hope.

A lot of foodies were on hand to enjoy the good times.

 Mhel and Ken of Certified Foodies

Our hosts, A food blogger from L.A. Marian and Spanky Enriquez of, with foodies Trixie Torralba of, Jonel of NomNomClub and Rowena of

A good friend and food blogger Richard of Tales from the Tummy.

Marian with Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, the minds behind Ultimate Taste Test

Finally to end this post, You have feast your eyes on so much to eat and so much to crave for, Hopefully next year, you would be on hand to experience The Ultimate Taste Test year 7.  See you then.  Thank you Anton Diaz and Spanky for extending the invitation, Love it!

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