Monday, August 29, 2011

Feast like a King at King Chef

It was a feast like no other, a feast fit for a king.  On the far reaches of Banawe st. in Quezon City a Chinese restaurant is making waves with the Chinese community.  And this time the rumors are true.  We have been a regular visitor of King Chef Restaurant and every visit was a memorable one, especially this.

We were invited to partake in an Imperial feast, showcasing the best that King Chef has to offer.  Some of the guests who answered some trivia questions were lucky enough to have a taste of "King's style Buddha Jump over the Wall" soup which cost around P9,000 for a table of 12.  And also a group of guests also got the chance to savor genuine "King Chef braised superior sharks fin soup" good for one at P1288.  And guest what we were the lucky ones!!!
Oh.. sharks fin soup, so deliciously good.  Our serving per bowl was so big, I was so full from that alone, mixed with red vinegar, gives out the flavor that I have missed for quite some time, and I must say only from genuine sharks's fin can give that one-of-a-kind taste that the world has gone mad over.

  Cold Cuts combination with California Maki, Century egg and seaweeds makes for the tasteful appetizer

next up is Suahe tea leaves, an original dish from the kitchens of King Chef
fresh suahe stir-fried with tea leaves with pepper and chili, gives the dish a one of a kind scent you would smell even afar, and a taste that is uniquely King Chef.

Imperial Spareribs, just look a that majestic piece of meat, steamed and smoked then stewed, to lock all the flavors in and give that delectable taste of spare ribs, this is how spareribs should be done, and no other way, not even salt and pepper fried, this is the best amongst them all.  So soft and flavorful, you would set aside your diet for this.

A feast is never complete without seafoods and so we have King Fish mango sauce, fried king fish topped with a special mango sauce, giving it a sweet tangy flavor, that was a refreshing change to the usual steamed in soy sauce style of cooking... praise King Chef for such creativity.

Chicken Fortune bags, chicken meat balls steamed to perfection, wrapped in wonton and tied to look like money bags, sauteed slight by soy sauce, blended in with broccoli, a heavy load of fortune to take in but a lot flavor to boot

 Yang Chow fried rice, a staple amongst all the Chinese restaurants of the metro serving Cantonese dishes, but here they are made more flavorful with lots of Chinese sausages, roast pork, shrimp and more making it one of King Chef's finest.

Crab with Sotanghon hotpot, this kind of hotpot dish may use also use prawns, and other seafoods to give variety, and with a mix of satay sauce, has become one of my favorite dishes of all time.  Fresh seafoods with a peppery and peanut taste blended in with yummy sotanghon, is always on my list of must orders in King Chef.

And to cap the night's Imperial feast is sweets for the liking with Mango balls and Herbal Lemongrass with mixed fruits.  A refreshing dessert to cool off during the summer months, and a nice way to chill during the rainy season.  Perfect for any feast and occasion.

King Chef is definitely something to behold and tracing my routes from Chinatown, King Chef has made its mark as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Quezon City, as well as the metro.  And King Chef lead by owners Michael and Marites, together with their master chef Joel Aroy, promises to give you that genuine Chinese food experience everytime you dine at King Chef.  More surprises to come as they continually improve to the betterment of Chinese foods and give you that pleasure of being their guest.

Call them for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more.  They have choices upon choices of food packages to cater to all your needs.

King Chef Fine Dining Cantonese Cuisine
989 Banawe Street 
Quezon City
4144919, 4136619
4414177, 3527534

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  1. A CHinese resto that serves sushi? Interesting... =)

  2. they have lots in store, they have dimsum as well.=)


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