Monday, August 15, 2011

Chinese Lumpia for Chinese ghost month

The Chinese ghost month, happens once a year during the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, it has been a tradition in the family to have Chinese Lumpia or simply lumpia in our house especially on the 15th of the ghost month.  I don't know if its really a tradition amongst Chinoys, but I'm sure glad we have this in our family.

Yes indeed, you can buy a lumpia in Manila anytime, but from all the lumpia that I have tasted, going over to my aunt's house to have a taste of their lumpia still excites me.  I can still remember my teenage times where I can actually finish 6 rolls of lumpia, but I was nowhere close my cousin being able to finish 9 rolls already while making another one, haha.

So what makes for a good lumpia, what ingredients make it more enticing and flavorful.  Honestly I wish I know the lumpia secret that runs in the family, but I definitely want to have some now.  I guess the most important thing for you to make lumpia is that you need to keep your ingredients fresh.  Now what goes first, yes the lumpia wrapper and so we go on...

 Fresh Vegetables!  Be sure to clean your vegetables, these veggies are vital as they are nutritious and also serve as the second layer of your lumpia after the wrapper.
 then comes the main ingredient, the lumpia filling mix.which as what I can taste are squid, cabbages, carrots, a little ground meat and of course the family tradition way of cooking this which I really don't know.  You can even eat this dish without the wrapper, just make it as a dish to rice and you will be satisfied.  After scooping for the lumpia filling, we add grounded nuts and sugar all over to put a little sweetness to our lumpia.
 we could also put some seaweeds with dried sotanghon to give that unique taste that only seaweeds can give the hungry tastebuds
And finally after the filling, toppings, veggies and sugar nuts have been combined.... roll them up and prepare for a feast

start eating and enjoy, after this year, I will be looking forward for to next year's family lumpia feast.  Happy Eating!!

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