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Luxury Dining at Fever Luxe Lounge Sofitel Philippines

Luxury Dining at Fever Luxe Lounge

A select few fashion and food bloggers were invited to partake in a private degustation at FEVER Luxe Lounge at Sofitel Philippines.  It came as a surprise for me, as I have heard that Fever Luxe Lounge is where all the hippest parties in the metro are held.  So I was kinda expecting a "gimik" night with lots of sumptuous food.  But boy was I wrong.

At first glance, I was amazed how the place had a total facelift from the previous "7 Pecados", which was the night hangout to serve cocktails and groove to dance music before at Sofitel Philippines, I still remember the days when we used to spend nights here and drink away.

Fever Luxe Lounge takes it to a new level of partying with the posh lights and disco sounds to dance the night away.  But before the music starts playing and the alcohol starts flowing, Fever sets the mood right for nights of full dining pleasure, a smart dining experience, the French way.

Sofitel Philippines and Fever Luxe Lounge flown in Head Chef Jose Luis Gonzalez,  Chef Gonzales hails from the north of Spain and has worked in five of the top restaurants in the world including Noma, Arzak, El Bulli, Murgaritz and El Celler de Can Roca.  So it is with great pride and pleasure that Fever Luxe Lounge is now the home of Chef Gonzalez. 

Without further prolonging the taste that you are about to partake, let me present to you the best of French Cuisine showcased in Fever Luxe Lounge.

Black Forest Ham with Idiazabal Cheese Mousse toast

Caramelized Foie with Mango

Lemon Yogurt Ravioli with Basil

The Appetizers were more than appealing to the senses, I started with the Black Forest ham with Idiazabal cheese, which proved that aged ham is indeed one still to crave for, the Caramelized Foie with Mango had a sweet tangy taste, and you can taste the crispness of the mango, lastly, the lemon yogurt ravioli placed on a Chinese spoon, was indeed a delight, as it bursts juices of yogurt in your mouth and relish that sweet sourly taste.


Lobster Salad

with Crispy Focaccia, Macadamia Nuts, 
and Truffle Vinaigrette

the best salad I ever had for quite some time, the lobster was amazing, a fresh piece of lobster, cooked to a perfect firm, the crispy focaccia, nuts, sprinkled with truffle vinaigrette was a perfect combination.  Giving that crisp goodness in every bite and compliments the green leafy salad.

Main Course

Lamb Tenderloin

with confit potato, 
crispy pineapple and lamb jus 

I don't eat lamb, I did not like the after taste it gives as you may know, but in this case, I finished the whole plate of pure lamb tenderloin.  The lamb prime tenderloin was so amazing, I was asking for a second plate.  At first I was skeptical and was afraid of that after taste, but when the meat touched my lips and slide down my taste buds, I knew I was in for an unforgettable lamb experience.  Until now, I still long for this prime cut.


Pumpkin Cream with Beer Ice Cream

Beer Ice cream.. hmmm, surprisingly good, so good that it only took me less than 5 minutes to finish my share.  The first I've ever tried this, but this can be very addicting, and the calories please.  And I've never thought that pumpkin cream would mix well with beer ice cream.  The sweet taste of pumpkin cream and the bitter-sweet beer ice cream packs a delight one would crave for.

But before we end this degustation, another surprise from the chef
It came bubbling with delight, and the sight fascinating, milk bubbles overflowing with gusto

Strawberry-Tomato Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple and Basil Leaf

After all the bubbles had settled, there the sorbet waiting to be consumed, the pineapple grilled to a crisp, and luscious milk by the side, the sorbet was creamy not like any other sorbet, pineapple crisp on the outside yet juicy and sweet inside. It was a perfect ending to a sumptuous meal, one I can wish to partake once again soon.

 Pairing that lovely meal with Kim Crawford, Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand. Perfect!

Hands down to Chef Jose Luis Gonzalez for this wonderful French culinary experience never to be forgotten.

Head over to FEVER Luxe Lounge from 6PM - 10PM to enjoy French culinary masterpieces only from Chef Jose Luis Gonzalez and Sofitel Philippines.

Fever Luxe Lounge
Plaza Level, Sofitel Philippines
CCP Complex, Pasay City

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  1. Is this new? Looks like a great place to hang out. =)

  2. Hi The Average Jane,

    Actually its the same night spot FEVER Luxe Lounge which was previously 7 Pecados... they renovated the place to make it more appealing. =)


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