Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simple Line milk tea: My new addiction + Boulevard Diner GC winners

Everyday, I always take the route of Dapitan St. passing by University of Santo Tomas (UST), going home.  I always take notice of the many food stalls, many food shops and fast food joints serving the student populace of UST, thinking oh I miss student meals, student foods and you know junk foods such as fish balls, squid balls, tukneneng (fried quail eggs in orange batter), even the scramble (crushed ice in flavor with powdered sweet milk) which is again making waves.

Then something caught my eye.  A small store along Dapitan St. named Simple Line.  A long cue line scaled from the already crowded store opening.  I keep on thinking and  wondering what was in there?  Is there a lotto selling outlet there?  Haha, I though it could not be as the place was near UST.  And so I gave in to my curiosity and finally parked my car near it after weeks of just passing through.

Finally, I got there and alas it is a milk tea place.  Hmmm... I keep on thinking how can such a small place selling milk tea variants have so much customers and don't even have a place for their guests to sit it, and yet having crowds of students lining up to have a sip.  And so I was thinking, it must be good.

Upon entering and fighting my way through the line, there I was surprised on how small the store was indeed, but they had all they need to serve up milk teas for take away that is.

First thing upon entering, I was able to browse around their menu, and just in case you are a milk tea virgin, they have also on their boards their best selling milk tea variants and their fruit tea concoction variants which you could choose from.  Their milk tea and fruit tea variants are either Black Tea or Green Tea based, and everything else is almost customized, as in other milk tea stores you have the option to choose your sweetness level. So if you want it not so sweet, you really have to tell it upon ordering of you will be getting your milk tea in 100% sugar.  

Other options are the add ons which you would like your milk tea to have such as tapioca (sago), Herbal jelly (pudding), coconut jelly (nata de coco) and coffee konjac (P10) (coffee jelly).  Your milk tea add-ons all depends on you and you can always have more add-ons with your milk tea, well for a little extra charge of P5.00 that is.
My top favorites for the Simple Line milk tea place includes Tapioca Black Milk Tea, Caramel Black Milk Tea and Coffee Konjak Black Milk Tea and more.  I have yet to taste all the other flavors which include Oolong tea but hopefully soon.  The Coffee Konjak Black Milk tea was perfect for me during my sleepy afternoons as it gave me that kick (caffeine from coffee jelly and black tea) that I needed to finish a fruitful day at the office.
My usual milk tea place, offers good milk tea at fairly a premium of a price which most students in fact cannot afford, even me as a part of the working class may limit myself to only a few servings in a month.  But with Simple Line (a.k.a. Simple Life), I can have my daily milk tea serving at only P60.00 for the large cup.  Yes P60.00!!! really great price for great tasting milk tea, P45 for medium cups.  Just a warning though and don't say I did not warn you guys... it is very addicting.  And my favorites for now?  the Coffee Konjak Black Milk Tea and Caramel Black Milk tea with pudding (gelatin).

Simple Line has 2 branches in UST, one in Dapitan Street, the other in V. Concepcion Street. They have 2 other branches in the metro, one in CEU (Centro Escolar University) along Mendiola St. and one near St. Scholastica's College in Leon Guinto St.  Have a taste of great milk tea for less at Simple Line milk tea.

And so with that let me announce the winners of Boulevard Diner GC's, as I have browsed through the entries some were not able to do the proper tags, while other profiles were set to private even on their twitter accounts so I was not able to check them and therefore, they were not included in the selection.  And so without further delaying the winners are:

Lucky you!!
1.) Vivian Aguilar
2.) Ma. Elinor Semira
3.) Madelin M. Galvez

Congratulations to the following winners, expect an email from me soon, informing of your winning entry and how to receive the prizes.  Thank you all for joining and hoping you could join in future giveaways of The Food Alphabet. 


  1. Wow, that was really that cheap for a milk tea. I'm a tea lover, I hope I could drop by some time.

    And oh, I won! Thank you, will expect your email the soonest :D

  2. Hi, Sir. I already received the GCs. Thank you very much! Can't wait to eat at Boulevard Diner. ^_^

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