Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Curb your cravings for Yakiniku at Tanba Buffet

I recently went to Malate in Manila to look for something to eat, thinking with so many tourists here, there should be a lot of good Japanese and Korean restaurants here.  Yeah, I'm a fanatic of Japanese food.  And so as I was passing by Adriatico, I noticed a sign Tanba Buffet, and I remembered seeing this on Facebook as recommended by my friend who recently tried it.  So I said why not give it a try.

Tanba Buffet is located as part of a hotel along Adriatico St., ample parking space and best of all no parking fee hehe, it was quite an inviting sight even though it was pouring rain that night.
So this is the buffet area, hmmm.... at first sight, I felt that it was such a small buffet area, but as I went through with the buffet items for Yakiniku, they were more than enough.

There are roughly around 28 trays of fresh meat such as pork, beef, chicken and seafoods as well

Yakitori (chicken on sticks) and can you imagine grill all-you-can Karubi Beef (Angus),
let's see how many of this deliciously sliced beef stripes can you consume.
Uzura BBQ on the left and fresh shrimps can surely get your appetite going.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon sticks

So there you go with those Yakiniku items... but wait there's more!! A whole line-up of different kinds of sushi and maki combos, with fresh salmon, tamago, and other delectable combinations and even the much loved California Maki.
Enough yet?  But there's more, they even serve different kinds of tempura and even fried items such as ebi fry, tonkatsu and even gyoza, and as you think these are too much to handle, they even mixed Filipino dishes such as Adobo and Crispy pata on their line-up of foods, mixing Korean Kimchi, as well as cold noodles.

 yummy and spicy kimchi

 Ebi tempura and Ebi Fry

Don't forget you got your Yakiniku items to eat, and for dessert they have ice cream, some cakes, some fruits and even make your own halo-halo.  All that for a price of only P560.00!!! Super affordable indeed!!
But wait before rushing your way there to feast on their buffet, they have a much sweeter offer that I know you will not be able to resist.  Visit their FB page Tanba Buffet, like them and see their everyday wall post on their "lucky keyword of the day" to avail of 50% off!!! WOW!! only P280.00 for all that!! Tell me that's not "SULIT".

And to end this post, I'd like to tell you guys that this is not a sponsored post and I liked what I was able to partake at Tanba Buffet, if you feel otherwise, then you are entitled to your opinion.  Enjoy the food here. At least with that price, you would not force yourself to be that full to get the best of the price right?  See you at Tanba buffet.

Tanba Buffet
Ground floor, Hostel 1632
1632 Adritico Street,
Malate, Manila


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