Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Hams for all seasons by Nathaniel

Nathaniel's Ham

It's the season for Hams!!! And no one does it better than Nathaniel's Ham.  

With Nathaniel's Ham on your feast it is always the Holiday season!

Yes there may be lots and lots of hams you may find in your local supermarket, even more with families and friends dining together for the Holiday season, what if I told you could make it much much better with just one ham on the table, and that is Nathaniel's Ham.

Nathaniel's Ham

Unlike your other hams, which are produced in commissaries, Nathaniel's Ham is honey-cured right at his own residence, and believe me when I say, he and only he makes his own honey-cured hams.  

You can be sure with each ham he makes, is made with utmost passion and love for food, he would want you to have the best ham you have ever had.  I have had the privilege of getting a lovely piece of ham from Nathaniel, and by heart, yes I would recommend that everyone enjoy Nathaniel's ham.  

It would be the perfect ham that would complete your Noche Buena and Media Noche.  Do call or message him for his other specialties, that you will find truly appetizing as well.

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