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Family Holiday Feast celebrations at Crystal Jade Dining In

Crystal Jade Dining In
A Holiday Celebration of Flavors at Crystal Jade Dining In

Christmas is here!  Yes it is!  Time for gift giving, family reunions and best of all family celebrations with great food!  Yup it all boils down to great tasting food on the feast table.  

But as much as we would love to enjoy a wonderful meal, our busy Holiday schedule always comes in the way, and sometimes we are just too tired to do anything, so why not just dine out for great food and just enjoy the Holiday celebrations!  And Crystal Jade Dining In has got that all covered for you.

This Holiday Season Crystal Jade Dining In gives you a special Christmas menu for our families to enjoy, it's not just your ordinary line-up of Chinese dishes that you have in your nearby Chinese Restaurants, it's more of a Chinese indulgence of great flavors and essence rolled into one extravagant feast of flavors.
Crystal Jade Dining In

Combination of Crispy Duck Sandwich with shredded Duck Fruit Salad

Not your usual Peking Duck!  Crispy duck skin on duck meat sandwich with crisp-fried wanton in between is so excitingly good, well this is the first time I ate my duck inside out!  But hey I'm not complaining... complement it with the duck fruit salad makes a perfect appetizer 

Crystal Jade Dining In

Fresh Shrimp Wanton in Almond Soup

Not everyday do you enjoy a hot bowl of Almond soup... wait what!  Almond Soup!  Yup it is Almond Soup and it is heavenly good!  I didn't even expect this in Chinese Restaurant but oh my I am totally blown away by this.  As soon as you sip your soup, you taste that familiarity yet it all feels and tastes so new, you sip one more and then again, until you find yourself craving for more.  

Top it all with Fresh Shrimp Wanton, gives you that overall satisfaction words can't describe.  The next question is can I have another bowl please?
Crystal Jade Dining In

Pan-fried Minced Pork with Salted Fish

An interesting take on this dish by Crystal Jade, dipped in Sweet chili sauce, is a welcome addition to this set menu

Crystal Jade Dining In

Golden Baked Stuffed Crab Shells

The highlight of our dinner! These baked stuffed crab shells takes the cake!  Flavorful, rich, delicious, every scoop of this mix of crab and minced meat, then baked to perfection, takes our craving of crabs to a whole new level.  So many flavors bursting in your mouth with every

Crystal Jade Dining In

Braised Fresh Mushroom with Dried Scallop

For my friends who love veggies, and to my moms and aunties as well, this dish was long gone before it got to me... so you can imagine how they loved it.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Fried Rice with Scallop, Crab Meat and Crab Roe

Finish off your meal with this fried rice concoction, the scallops, crab meat and crab roe puts a sweet and rich seafood flavor to your rice, one cup is never enough

Crystal Jade Dining In

Baked Creamy Custard in Tapioca Pudding

Creamy custard.. good, Tapioca... good, Pudding... love it!  Another first from Crystal Jade Dining In, your meal won't be complete without this sweet ender, the calories are worth it, really.

Enjoy the ultimate family Holiday Dining Experience at Crystal Jade Dining In in Bonifacio Global City, I promise you it will be worth every buck!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Crystal Jade Dining In and The Food Alphabet
Crystal Jade Dining In

Crystal Jade Dining In
7th Ave Bonifacio High Street
Taguig, Metro Manila
Tel No. (02) 808 5233

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