Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Sunday brunch at Vask Modern Tapas


Every Sunday | 11:30AM - 2:30PM

Vask Modern Tapas, presents Comida de Navidad, a Holiday Brunch buffet with the finest of Spanish cuisines to satisfy your every craving...for the discerning and people who love good food

A fine array of Spanish specialty cuisines from tapas, croquetas, paellas and more, you will surely find your taste buds yearning for more, here are our tapas...


Pulpo Ala Gallega

Octopus in olive oil, drizzled with salt and paprika




Queso de bola

A celebration of cheese and other dried fuits, blend together with every bite of Queso de bola slices


These potato croquetas is perfect to start every meal, not just on the Holidays!


Carnitas Fritos

These babies are the bomb!  I just couldn't get enough of them, at first I know they were good, but was I wrong! They were so much better!  Every crisp bite into those fried tortilla filled with pure meaty goodness, it's hard not to take more than two... oops it's gone again sorry.


Just another of my favorite tapas, sweet and tender, perfect with slices of focaccia bread


Mejillones Tigre

These fabulous tiger mussels are very famous in Spain, and we're glad they are part of Vask Spanish Sunday Brunch buffet



These fried Calamari rings, not only bring flavor to the colorful Sunday Brunch Buffet, they also bring out the best of Spanish cuisine, which is also evident in some Filipino dishes that we enjoy.

Honey glazed leg of ham

Oh my! Just look at that beautiful piece of ham, every slice of that tender meat smells fantastic.  Honey glazed to perfection, no Spanish buffet will be complete without a hefty piece of ham to keep the celebrations going



Apart from the tortilla we all know, this Spanish tortilla made with potatoes is just like an omelet, but in my opinion tastes so much better than omelets, sorry egg lovers, but I just have to go with this.


Chicken relleno

Originating from Spain, it's very evident how we Filipinos have embraced Spanish culture especially with our food dishes, stuff pork, ground meat with spices in deboned chicken, makes Chicken Relleno, one of the favorites of every Noche Buena in the Philippines, and is a must have for Vask Sunday Brunch Buffet


Black paella with Chicken

Also know as Paella Negra, is made with squid ink, thus the black colored rice, it may seem taboo to have a taste of this paella, maybe it would be your first time to taste such, but the flavors and aroma mixed together and tickle your senses is a temptation you can't resist, give in to first bite, you'll be back for more I promise.


And the highlight of our brunch buffet, Vask's freshly roasted Cochinillo, you can hear the crispy skin crack with every chop from the masterful hands of the chef, nothing quite like it, from the flavorful meat to the juicy bones, I can have one whole of this if my body only permits me, hands down one of the cochinillos in Manila 


Indulge in an authentic selection of tapas and the best of Spanish cuisines perfectly paired with free-flowing sangrias only at Vask Modern Tapas

Vask Modern Tapas Holiday Brunch Buffet is set at Php1,395+ per person. 

Vask Modern Tapas
5th Floor Clipp Center, 11th Ave. corner 39th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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