Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy 7th Anniversary Serenitea! Jumbo cups are here! Plus Serenitea Christmas Toblerone specials, A Serenitea 2016 Diary + A Giveaway!

Happy 7th Anniversary Serenitea!!!
Jumbo Cup are here from 
Dec. 16 - 18, 2015

This year, Serenitea makes your holiday season extra special with its many Yuletide offerings, from Toblerone specialty drinks, the first ever Serenitea Diary and an anniversary Jumbo cup treat! 


Discover also a myriad of chocolate themed drinks that will surely make Christmas memorable. Introducing Serenitea’s Choco Holiday Series made in partnership with Toblerone. Treat yourself and loved ones with our Cranberry Bliss with White Chocolate, White Chaffe Mocha with Milk Chocolate and the bestseller Chocolate Dream with Dark Chocolate for only Php 185.00. These Toblerone drinks are available from until December 2015.


Serenitea launches its first planner for 2016 because we want to be a part of your life's greatest moment in the coming new year. Jot down your thoughts and plan for a brand new you. 

Make 2016 the best year ever by getting the Serenitea 2016 Planner for free by spending a minimum single receipt worth Php1,200 which includes gift certificate purchases you can use without expiration in any branch.  Available in all branches from October 25,2015 to January 15,2016.

The first ever 2016 Serenitea Diary, packs a lot of jotting to do, from daily and weekly postings to monthly schedules.


Know Serenitea 's story and how you have become a great part of Serenitea


Plus loads of freebies and discounts for the whole year! Go Serenitea 2016 Diary!

And finally, what is Christmas without our annual JUMBO CUP promo as we celebrate our 7th year anniversary!!!  Go JUMBO cup on our bestseller drinks for three days starting in December 16 to 18,2015! 

It's our way of showing our liter of love for you this Serenitea-filled Christmas in 2015! 

Here we go with A Serenitea 2016 Diary Giveaway!

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  3. Abigail Sy
    I will use the Planner to schedule my day to day activities and also to use the discount coupons to purchase drinks from Serenitea!

  4. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay
    I love Serenitea and I will always be such a fan of their drinks. The Serenitea's 2016 Diary will help me plan for myself this coming year 2016. At the same time I'll be able to enjoy the coupons and the freebies included on their new planner. :)

  5. Nikka Lucille Vizmonte
    I need the planner for my daily activities. I also want to enjoy the coupons and freebies.

  6. Riyalyn Gatdula

    To replace my old planner. New pointers, activities and new daily routines to jut down.

  7. Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    I need a new planner, and I want the coupons to enjoy more Serenitea drinks!


  8. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
    IG: @dimplesgon

    I need that discount coupons!!!!

  9. Ann Cagalingan
    IG: @Dimepiecebaybii
    I need Serenitea 2016 Planner,a perfect present for my sister,who is an loyal fan of serenitea.

  10. teresa hundana @teresahundana, best gift for my son.


  11. Maria Christina Gumatay
    I need this in order for me to be organized in our trips and activities.
    I am more into writing it on a planner rather relying on my mobile phone.

  12. Joan Rafunzel medina

    I love writing thats why i wwant to win the planner . i want to be organized as i am last 2015 :)

  13. Abigail Ong
    i love serenitea above all other milk tea brands

  14. Pauline R. Orillosa
    IG: @gianneorillosa
    My family and I are big fans of Serenitea. We have been frequenting the place since 2008 and up until today, Serenitea at a mall near our condo remains to be our go-to teashop. Now that our favorite teashop released its first planner, it's a must that we get it! :) Planning 2016 will be so much easier - and prettier! - with Serenitea's 2016 Diary. We love the gold polka dots design, the clean layout, and most especially the freebies and discounts, which mean more frequent, happy family trips to Serenitea! <3

  15. Analiza Gamban
    IG: @Aenah12
    I am a fan of serenitea. I have tried other milkteas but only Serenitea meets my taste. I like the Okinawa milktea and its always been my default order. With a diary from serenitea and with all the freebies that comes with it, will be a more frequent visit to Serenitea :)

  16. Oliver Galgana
    IG: justoliverg

    Fan of green tea slush and uji pyramid, as a student i need something like this and it will be a bonus if it comes from my favorite milktea shop Serenitea.

  17. Full name- Liberty Floro
    Instagram account name- @floroluth
    Why you need Serenitea's 2016 Diary---
    I need Serenitea's 2016 Diary because i need a planner that reminds of all my activity and all special occassion.. and I'm also mom on the go..

  18. Charles Emmanuel Isidro

    Striving my goals for 2016 is a must, but I need a planner to fulfill it. It will become a great help when it comes to decision making and date/planning to know what will best for my 2016. ;)

  19. IG: @charlenem88
    I need a planner that would help me organize my important reminders & deadlines

  20. Allan Reyes
    I need direction in my life this 2016

  21. Name: Janelli B. Dizon
    IG name: @vitaminjahh.jpeg

    With serenitea's 2016 diary I can list all my activities and favorite dates for upcoming year while enjoying all the coupons and sip my favorite serenitea's beverages.

  22. Gilbert Arqueza
    I want to try something new and i think SereniTea Diary is a must try. I love the color and the art.

  23. Jamelle Katrina Castro
    This Serenitea Diary will surely help me plan my 2016. It will help me to remember important events/birthdays in office and family.

  24. Jamelle Katrina Castro
    This Serenitea Diary will surely help me plan my 2016. It will help me to remember important events/birthdays in office and family.

  25. cherry tan
    ig: @dulcis11
    i need serenitea diary because m an oc person and i want everything to be organized and jot down to the last detail so i may not forget.

  26. Im a 4th year college student. Being one means having a huge responsibility ahead and so much school works, thesis and even internship duties to fulfill in order to graduate with flying colors and making my family and of course, myself, proud. Add more the upcoming events and occasions that will be happening this coming 2016! There are so much things to think and plan about! This past years, one of my problem is yes, time management. I kept cramming and rushing to finish my work and i hurry up whenever i need to study or worst, i even forget what i will be doing like to study this lesson or forget to do this errand.. and i just hate that! Ughh. That is why i need this Serenitea diary! I think this will improve me alot regarding my planning and time management problems. I think it is just perfect in jotting down my notes, the list of things i need to do, important events and even the happy thoughts and good vibes along the way that can inspire me to do more and to achieve my goals this 2016! Plus, who doesnt love freebies like coupons that i can use whenever i need to study @ serenitea or when just chillin with my friends and family. There is so much things how Serenitea diary is one perfect buddy this 2016. :)

    Engielyn Naranja

  27. I don't need to be too extravagant with my desires. I think sheer sincerity will win the bout. I just wanted to say that by winning a Serenitea diary, I will not only get a tool in setting my goals for the next year (which is fast approaching by the way) since it also boosts itself up with great freebies that would totally refurbish the way I enjoy every stint in this humble place! This diary is more than just a mere ruled notebook, it will also speak volumes of how much I patronize the store. I'll be honest, I cannot make a P1200.00 single-receipt transaction, but I think that the mere fact that I explore a lot of stuffs in Serenitea says a lot in my knowledge of their great stuffs.

  28. Ma. Christina Nicolas
    IG: imsugarhiccups
    I really really need a diary in my life for me to get in touch with myself and have some relaxation while writing. NEW YEAR NEW LIFE IN 2016!


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