Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And the winner of our Ginza Bairin GC giveaway are....

And the winners of our Ginza Bairin 
GC giveaway are.. 
Thank you all so much for joining this giveaway, for it not for you guys, well, we won't be here hosting this giveaway for you.  And without further delays, read on below if you are one of the winners of P2,000 worth of GC's from Ginza Bairin.


"Ms. Tiffany See" 


"Ms. Maki Yosh (Mara Galang)"

Please expect an email from me on how you will be able to receive your GC's.  As usual let us thank Ginza Bairin Philippines for this giveaway.  And let's all celebrate Ginza Bairin's 2nd store, more stores to come!

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