Friday, June 28, 2013

King Chef Seafood restaurant celebrates their first year in Lucky Chinatown!

King Chef Seafood Restaurant turns 1 
at Lucky Chinatown!

King Chef Seafood restaurant, one of the most sought after Chinese restaurants in the metro today, recently turned 1 year old.  And they are celebrating it with a bang!

Probably one of the best success stories in the world of Chinese fine-dining restaurants in the Philippines, King Chef started just a few years back, when they first opened "Cantonese Soup Kitchen" serving up classic Chinese dishes in Banawe, Quezon City.  Now they have blossomed to another much bigger site in Quezon City and now in Lucky Chinatown in the heart of Chinatown in Manila.

I am proud to be celebrating with King Chef their 1st year in Lucky Chinatown.  Now if you have not heard about King Chef, then I suggest you take a look and see what they have to offer your taste buds.  And still if you're not convinced, they you indeed are missing a lot!


Assorted Cold Cuts Combination

The best roasting combination platter to enjoy.  Suckling pig, soyed chicken, pork asado, goose slices, century egg and seaweeds, enjoy it fresh everyday.

Dumplings in Seafood Chinese Soup

This is an exclusive dish at King Chef, usually there is just lots of seafood and sotanghon from other restaurants, but they're taking it a notch higher with tasty pork dumplings, flavorful indeed.

Deef fried suahe with salted egg

Talk about fresh suahe, yummy!  Another original dish from King Chef, fried so crisp you can even chomp down the suahe with the scale on.  Might not be for everybody but you can always take the scales off and still enjoy it salted goodness

Stir-fried Kung Pao Chicken

Fried Spareribs with 8 spices

I thought that my neighborhood Chinese restaurant made the best fried spareribs, but after tasting what King Chef had served us that day, I guess I found my new favorite Chinese spareribs place.  Crisp, spiced just right, with a blend of flavors only fitting for a king to enjoy, now we too can experience

Stuffed eggplant in Japanese sauce

One of the best selling dishes by King Chef

Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce

Typhoon Shelter Crabs

Birthday noodles

All the best ingredients in one noodle feast, savor all the exquisite flavors infused in every strand of noodle, bundle it up with fresh produce, there you have the perfect birthday noodles.

Mango Balls

A new dessert treat for us, apart from the the usual mango sango, this is a welcome change to our usual mango dessert treat.  Talk about creativity.

Almond Fish Gelatin 

Get to admire the intricate designs, tastefully done to heighten your senses.  Actually it looked so nice I did not even want to take a slice of it.  But all efforts done were indeed a fascination on how King Chef has made Chinese fine-dining not just a tasteful treat but also a work of art.

Enjoy the best of Chinese fine-dining cuisine at King Chef Seafood Restaurant.  Visit their Banawe or Lucky Chinatown branch and savor rich-tasting Chinese dishes in one great feast.

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