Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts Day, June 15 Today - 10 ways to enjoy + FREE Donuts!

It's Dunkin' Donuts Day!

Today June 15 is going to awesome as we celebrate the 10th year of Dunkin' Donuts Day!  Year after year we get to enjoy this annual with free donuts and a whole lot of surprises, this year will be just as exciting but bigger and better!

To thank our loyal patrons, this special day is dedicated to giving away free donuts for an hour, with lots of activities to make Dunkin' Donuts annual celebration an event to look forward to every year.  To make the most of this celebration here are 10 things you can do to enjoy this day even more.
  • Line up for your FREE classic donuts. A special Derek Donut – D’s Favorite is free from 2-3 pm. The donut is an inspiration of Derek Ramsay’s two favorites, the Boston Kreme and the Strawberry Filled.
  • Visit your favorite Dunkin Donuts outlet. With the proliferation of Dunkin’ Donuts branches around the country, this shouldn’t be hard.
  • Get two dozen donuts for only P299. This promo is available only on Dunkin’ Donuts Day, so hurry and get your fill!
  • Bring friends and family. There’s a reason why donuts are often bought in dozens – because they are best when shared.
  • Taste new flavors. With endless selections from the Classics and Premium donut lines, go beyond your free Derek Donut and have a bit of each.
  • Try other items! From savory snacks like bunwiches, croissants, and the Dunkcreations, to baked goodies such as the muffins and brownies, even those with no sweet tooth can find something to enjoy at Dunkin’.
  • Participate in activities. With mascots, balloonists, photo booths and other surprises in store, there’s no reason to just keep your place in line.
  • Find the perfect drink to pair with your donut. From brewed to iced coffee, to Dunkcoctions, there’s one that will match your craving.
  •  Spot Derek at Dunkin’. This heartthrob says there’s only Dunkin’ for him, so let him feed you one. Take a picture of yourself being fed by his likeness – it’s real enough to fool even Derek himself.
  • Share your experience on Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts Day even if they’re not with you. Share photos, your place in line, and even a shot of your free donut.

See you all at your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts branch!  Who knows you might get to see Derek himself at your visited store.  Now that would be a treat indeed.

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