Saturday, June 8, 2013

Celebrate Dad's Day : Give Dad a break he deserves at Toccare Spa + Gemstone massage giveaway for DAD!!!

Happy Father's Day from Toccare Spa 
and The Food Alphabet!

It's the first time I will be celebrating Father's Day without my Dad, after his passing last year, I can feel the emptiness inside me and I feel for my mother who has been missing him every single day.  As we learn to appreciate more of what we don't have, we should also learn to appreciate what we still have.

All of you lucky people who still have their Dad with them should be truly blessed, and with time passing by so fast, I do hope that you spend quality time with the man of the house and cherish every single moment that God has given him to you.

That is why this Father's Day, Toccare Spa and The Food Alphabet recommends that you treat Dad to a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience at Toccare Spa.  For the big man, revitalize and relieve stress with Toccare Spa's Signature Healing Gemstone Massage, complemented with your choice of Aroma massage oil is the ultimate relaxation package for Dad.

Need some pampering, then give Dad the Spa Essentials treatment, a massage and an aromatic facial will set the mood for dad to unwind and enjoy the fruits of his labor.
And with that, we would like to give our thanks and show our appreciation to our one and only Dad!  Want to get Dad that much needed pampering?  Then you got to join in for this chance to win one of three Signature Healing Gemstone Massage for Dad only from Toccare Spa, offering only the best service and utmost satisfaction one treatment at a time.

Happy Father's day to all of you!
 4th Floor Antel Spa Suites
Antel Lifestyle City
Makati, Philippines
 403-0808 loc.2050; 555-1232

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  2. My Dad is the best Dad for me because he always make sure that we are in a better condition, he works everyday so he can provide us financially. My dad is not a kind of dad who always says that he love us but I feel it everytime he help me with my problems. Advance Happy Father's Day!! =]

    Julie-Ann Sta. Ines

  3. My dad is the best because he has given me everything I need and have sacrificed a lot for our family.

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  4. leo rances garcia

    my is dad is the best because:
    1. My Father is a good Provider
    2. My Father makes me secure
    3. My Father is my Friend

  5. ana lorraine complido
    my dad is the best because he is a perfect blend of a father and a friend.


    My Dad is the best Dad in the world because he loves us all,provides all our needs & never leave us alone.

  7. Anne Laurice L. Canoza

    My dad is the best because he is a supportive,loving,caring father to us. He is a good provider for us 4 siblings, sacrifices himself for us and really deserves this treat for him to be stress free.He is our super duper great hero :)

  8. Carol Chan

    My dad is the greatest dad in the world because he loves me for what I am. He is always there for me through thick and thin. He encourages me to be the best person I can be. he is simply the best daddy!

  9. Matt Pua

    My dad is the greatest dad because he is the most patient and caring person I ever knew.

  10. Vlelyn Ang

    My DAD is the greatest DAD because he is very supportive of me and gives me opportunities to discover myself. He is my bestfriend and I can tell him anything and everything. He is my HERO and the BEST DAD in the whole world

  11. Maricel Fajardo
    fb link:

    He is the best dad because He taught me how to have faith and shared me about Jesus and His way. He also nurture me and devoted His energy and time to his family

  12. I lost my dad when I was in high school but this is a good treat for dads.

  13. This is a great giveaway for dads. Unfortunately my dad can't go to a spa anymore because of his damaged legs and feet. :(

  14. Ma. Clarice Lao
    My dad is the best in the world because he is the only guy in the world that would not break my heart!

  15. I won't be able to join since we're residing in the Visayas, but thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'm sure your father is still with you and your mother in both heart and spirit.

  16. My dad is the best because he was able to give his life, time, and love for us just to make our lives better and richer...

    Jagger Camungay

  17. My dad is the greatest because he is fair and generous to us all.

    Allan Reyes

  18. NAME: jessica janile clemente gregorio
    page url:

    FB LINK:


    He's fierce but he's soft on the inside. He's Bad, but he really is good. He's tough but his love for us is tougher. Everything he does for his children is the greatest thing a man can do. Thus, my dad is the greatest man alive. :D

  19. Charlene Clara Dominguez

    My father went through different trials but he still managed to overcome it. He had depression when we lose our Mom 12 years ago. We're so thankful and happy that he helped himself to overcome it and continue his life with us and do his responsibilities as a father, and at the same time as a mother. He sacrificed a lot. He's really the greatest father in the world!

  20. My father is a very wonderful person. He may not have provided me and my mom the best of what the world can offer but he made sure that I have the things I need in order to grow in the best way possible.

    He may not be there physically in all the important events of my life but he made sure I felt his presence all the time!


  21. Mylene M. Calleja

    We lost our mom when we were just kids, me as the eldest and who have three siblings of 11,9,7 years of age, very young and still longing for some motherly love but my Dad really did a great job of not letting us feel so down or something was missing as we grew up, he did provide not just material things but lots of love , a mom and dad rolled into one, not thinking of his own happiness. He really made sure we all finished college and we really owe everything from him on what we are at what we became, I am so proud for giving us the most wonderful Dad in the whole world, the greatest one to be exact.

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