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Dim sum-all-you-can at Li Li in Hyatt Hotel and Casino + FREE Guava Iced tea for the whole of June


Dim sum-all-you-can at Li Li
Hyatt Hotel and Casino

As they say, a way to measure a real Chinese restaurant is with their selection and masterful creations of their Dim sum, and of course they have to taste so awesome that the aroma and flavor sinks in and stays in your heart.  That is what Dim sum is all about, as the word "Dim sum" in Cantonese means.

Here at Li Li Restaurant in Hyatt Hotel and Casino, they offer an irresistible offer of only P888++ for a Monday to Saturday Dim sum-all-you-can treat fit for every King, but wait how about I give you a treat, if you are to avail of the dim sum-all-you-can at Li Li, just mention that were able to read about it on and you get their refreshing Guava Iced Tea worth P300++ for FREE, treat is only until the end of June.


Dine in exquisite royalty with the many exclusive functions rooms that Li Li Restaurant has to offer, feast like a king and enjoy what life has to offer.

Have a cup of tea, feast on toasted peanuts and pickles with carrots and be ready for Li Li's Dim sum buffet craze that has won many hearts over.


A masterpiece of a dim sum, Steamed Fish Shaped dumpling with Cod Fish, how lovely to look at.  It took me quite sometime to take a bite into this beautifully made dim sum by the skillful chef of Li Li.  You just didn't want to munch on it as it really looked so good and looked like it was a live fish haha.  But the taste was exquisite, and does not only appeal to your sense of sight.


Xiao Long Bao, enjoy with ease and use your Chinese spoon, dip in some black vinegar with ginger, tear off some skin and smell the aroma of its meaty juicy goodness, remember beware of the hot juice oozing out.  Take one, no take a bunch, you'll never get enough of these.  


Baked Barbecue Pastry Puff on the left and Deep Fried Mashed Taro Puff with chicken,  I loved their  Baked Barbecue Pastry Puff, enjoy bite after bite of barbecue asado goodness glazed with honey and wrapped in pastry.  The taro puff was one of the best I have had, it was crisp on the outside and the warm taro was all so appetizing, but would have preferred if the sauce dip was the brown mushroom sauce which they usually would have in other Chinese restaurants.


Hakao, the world famous shrimp dumpling.  With big pieces of shrimp pieces carefully wrapped in rice wrapper, steamed to perfection is the reason why dim sum is now a world favorite delicacy.


Feast on their Steamed Crab Meat Dumpling with Black mushroom and their Steam Fresh Scallop dumpling, one of the many choices the Dim sum-all-you-can has to offer.


Steamed Glutinous Rice with meat, more commonly known as "Lo Mai Kai" and on the right is Deep Fried Bicho-Bicho Shrimp with Wasabi Mayonnaise, one of the many appetizing creations from Li Li.


Par fried Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp, this I thought would taste funny but in fact, this is now one of my favorites, am I getting old, am I leaning to the veggie side, haha but really these dumplings sure made an impression on me, as it tasted like nothing I have had ever before.  The crisp goodness combined with flavorful meat gave more zing with the spinach flavor blending in with every bite, a must-order on your list.


Another unique dim sum creation only at Li Li Restaurant, 
Steamed Shrimp Dried Seaweeds roll and Asparagus with fish roe.


Cleanse your palatte with Hot and Sour soup with assorted seafood, this should do the trick, mix up with some black vinegar, drink a few sips and you're back at ordering for more dim sum again, next please.


To finish up on an endless meal, give a try on their Sesame Balls with White Belgian Chocolate, it's buchi but not with your familiar mongo filling.  Take a bite!

At first it tasted funny, of course your tongue was expecting a sweet mongo taste, the crisp sesame coating was oh so good, but the white Belgian chocolate filling was quite sweet for me, but all in all it was good but I'd lessen on this if I had diabetes, good thing I still am not (praying hard...)


Perfect for summer, perfect for any weather, don't miss out on this Chilled Mango Sago with Almond Jelly and Pomelo pulps, for this dim sum buffet, remember always leave room for dessert, you would not want to be passing out on this tastefully made dessert fantasy.

Enjoy lots of dim sum treats at Li Li's Dim Sum all-you-can.  Don't forget to mention you read it The Food Alphabet and get a FREE Guava iced tea.

Li Li
Hyatt Hotel and Casino
1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar
Manila, Philippines
+63 2 245 1234

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  1. That looks so good. I will definitely go there to try the buffet and will not forget to mention The Food Alphabet for the free guava iced tea. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Rochelle for visiting.. wish the Guava iced tea was bottomless... =P Anyways you can always request for some hot tea. Enjoy every bit of it.

  2. It is the very good service center in Hyderabad.

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