Friday, May 31, 2013

Japan's favorite Pon De Ring now at Mister Donut Philippines!

Japan's famous Pon De Ring arrives at
Mister Donut stores in the Philippines!

So what is a Pon De Ring?  Well, Pon De Ring is basically still a donut but not, confusing?  I remember that I first had a taste of this during one of my trips to South Korea, we were just taking the subway and I was just waiting for wifey when suddenly these oddly shaped donuts caught my attention.


Making it's debut in Japan, after being such a hit there came to the other parts of Asia such as South Korea and Taiwan, where as I heard when they first introduced to the market had long lines of up to 4 hours just to get their fill of Pon De Ring donuts.  Well good news is that it's now finally here in the Philippines and we can all get our share.

Missing thess Pon De Ring donuts for the longest time, as soon as I heard they were here, I immediately rushed to Mister Donuts and bought for myself a dozen Pon De Ring donuts to satisfy my cravings.  Well, they did not disappoint.

Look how cute the Pon De Ring mascot is... look at those cute adorable Japanese Geta


This is no ordinary donut, the Pon De Ring is like 8 pieces of mochi glued together and flavored with every possible flavor combination you can imagine.  Neat right!


Bite into it and feel the soft chewy core of the Pon De Ring, but this I noticed on our local Pon De Ring, they are a little sweeter than the ones I used to have in Korea and Taiwan, I guess this is to suit the Filipino taste which in general do have a sweet tooth.  But who cares, just as long as my tummy says ok, we're good to go.


So head on to Mister Donut in Greenhills Shopping Center and have your share of Pon De Ring, I believe they are renovating all Mister Donut stores in the Philippines and sooner or later more stores will be offering the Pon De Ring.  

There are 2 kinds of Pon De Ring donuts, the Premium and Glazed variants, for the Premium one, a box of 6 is P220 while a box of 12 is P420.  For the Glazed ones, a box of 6 is P160 and a box of 12 is P300.  You can also have assorted flavors from 3 premium with 3 glazed for P190 and 6 premium with 6 glazed for P380.

Have you had a taste of Pon De Ring?  Did you like it?  Share us your experience.

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