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Figaro Lenten and Summer treats

Figaro Lenten and Summer treats
- perfect for the season

Just in time for the hot summer season and Lenten season,  Figaro gives us more reason to spend an afternoon of relaxation while savouring their delicious lenten offerings and hot summer treats.

Get Light for Life with Figaro's Kani Sandwich and Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta

The Philippines being a Catholic nation observes Lent quite religiously from no meat Fridays to fasting,  But quite a few establishments offer choices of food that will fill you and keep you satisfied without the guilt.

Figaro Coffee Company's Kani Sandwich (P179), crabstick filling garnished with lettuce and tomato in potato bread, served with side salad, the crunchy lettuce and fresh ripe tomatoes compliments the tasty crabsticks filling perfect with light mayo dressing. Perfect with coffee or your favorite flavor of Figaro Frost.

The Kani Sandwich was easy on the mouth, the mayo filled Kani sandwich tasted not too sweet which was just perfect for me, biting into fresh slices of tomatoes and crunchy lettuce, I felt so revitalized, knowing I get only the freshest of ingredients in my sandwich. Kani Sandwich is not just made for the Lenten Season because you crave for Crabs (Kani) all year round. Figaro just made it easy on your diet with their Kani Sandwich, truly filling without the guilt. 

Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta (P180), is Spanish sardines sauteed in garlic, olive oil, dried chili flakes, onions and black olives tossed in angel hair pasta. Garnished with finely-chopped parsely and parmesan cheese, the love for spanish sardines with garlic, olive oil,onions, dried chili flakes and black olives complete the angel hair pasta experience.

The saltiness of the fish melts with the sour and salty taste of the black olives exploding in flavors of the spices, onions, garlic and chili flakes. This pasta meal is quite heavy in the sense you get full quite easily, the flavors collide and you can savor all the sweetness, a tad of saltiness and a pinch of spiciness.  You'd be happy you ordered this. 

Light yet filling snacks of Kani Sandwich and Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta at Figaro may just be the Life you need to make your day right this Lent!
Summer is here and you can feel the heat!  A refreshing drink is what you’ve always wanted on a hot summer day waiting for a ride or beach-combing at your favorite destination. The body really needs that re-hydration and you don’t want to gain more weight to fit in those two-piece outfits this summer.

Figaro brings you Summer Frosts with new flavors, Tropical Sorbet and Berried Watermelon! Sip and enjoy the sweet and sunny goodness of this season's most refreshing drinks for only P125!

Tropical Sorbet is a refreshing summer drink that bursts with sweetened passion fruit and a splash of peach flavors combined. Figaro’s Tropical Sorbet allows you to savor the sweetness and the full rich flavors of peach and passion fruit without having to worry about those seeds.  Deliciously refreshing and nourishing.

Flavored by Monin, the world's most famous manufacturer of flavored syrups gives our Summer Frosts that rich flavor enough to melt anyone's heart.

Berried Watermelon is a summer slush drink played with red berries and punch of watermelon flavors. Watermelon is the favorite summer fruit this season. It actually does not just rehydrate with its special cooling effect, it is also fat-free and helps in energy production – just enough to make you sweep the whole shoreline and enjoy frolicking in the sun this season. This drink is perfect when all the sweetness in the watermelon you've been craving needs a summer kick. Red berries will surely provide that slush sunny sweetness to complete that refreshing drink.  I love them both.

Also try out their other treats, their Marble Cream Cheese Brownie, made with dark cocoa powder, Raisin Short Bread Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookie, and their low sugar Cherry Choco Muffin.

No cream and no fat to help you lose those pounds and gain more confidence this summer!  Find some relief from the heat with Figaro’s Summer Frosts and get light and easy with Figaro's Lenten offerings.

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