Friday, April 1, 2011

Angel's Pizza Lenten offerings

I love Angel's Pizza, who doesn't?  With their delicious pizzas and Buy 1 Take 1 offers, you will surely be hooked.  Now that the Lenten season is upon us, Angel's Pizza shows us how to be good with their delicious and tasty treats for this Lenten season.

From tunas to pestos, from veggies to calzones, this is definitely going to be one memorable Lenten season.
Shrimp Pesto Pizza!!! P515
A perfect seafood delight! 
Love Love!! Shrimp.... love! Pesto..... love!
Spicy Tuna Pizza P275 (M), P385 (Family), P455 (Big Family)
This you have to taste, it kinda gives you a kick after the first bite then the spiciness comes in.  Pour in a little more hot sauce, and your smoking!!!
Angel's Garden P275 (M), 385 (Family), 455 (Big Family)
The Vegetarian Pizza, with mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomato and mozzarella cheese actually this pizza came as a surprise for me, it tasted awesome! Really! At first I was thinking... all vege, hmmm... and so I grab a slice and yes, I will go to heaven with this.
Tuna Pesto Pasta in a Dough P199
A new twist in enjoying pasta... yummy and definitely a mouthful
Angel's Thin Tuna Pesto Pizza P515
I like my pizza thin... and Angel's Pizza does it right crispy and delicious.  With the right combination of spicy tuna,corn, green pepper, onion and mozzarella cheese, makes one perfect meal.
Tuna Pesto Calzone P 85
time for a change from the usual pizza, but if you ask me a pizza lover,
I would go for the pizza.... nothing else.
 All pizzas are made upon order, served fresh and hot, don't forget the Potato Tots!
Choose from their great selection of pizzas or better yet create your own with Angel's Wish Pizza!
Call 922-2222 for FREE delivery! Only at Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

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