Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Italian fine dining at Buon Giorno!

Buon Giorno, Il benvenuto a "Buon Giorno", Curiamoli ad una festivit√† italiana fine che certamente godrete. 

Translated in English it says Good day! Welcome to Buon Giorno, Let us treat you to a fine Italian feast that you will surely enjoy.

Sad to say I don't speak Italian, but I love how the Italians say it, it just mesmerizes me in every way, and of course with a little reminiscing from my recent trip to Italy.  And don't forget how their hands would talk as well.  If you have watched "Eat, Pray Love" then you would know what I mean.

Rockwell Land gives us Rockwell Business Center, the newest landmark in the metro, bringing luxury office and dining spaces to the discerning people of today.  Situated within the Meralco compound, the Rockwell Business Center gives us a fresh perspective in integrating work, leisure and dining in a single destination.

With 73,000 sq. m of leasable space, you can imagine how diverse and fantastical the place would be.  Made up of a cluster of A-grade quality office buildings, with state of the art amenities, this will be surely be one workplace you will never tire of.
One of the most amazing fine dining places that have called Rockwell Business Center their home is Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro.  Tracing their roots and opening their first store in 2005 at The Cliff House in Tagaytay.  Branching out in Shaw blvd. and finally finding their perfect spot here in Rockwell Business Center.

Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro can really tickle your fancy, with their delightful meals and treats.  Only your mind can set the limits of this gastronomic feast.  Just look at some of their delightful dishes:
their Al Margherita Pizza, the fresh Caesar Salad, Insalata Caprese,
the Crostini platter, and delicious sweets such as the Molten Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Pie.

These are just a few on their very diverse menu of delight to the senses.  On that particular special night, it was a dream come true, and it felt in every way that I was in Italy, no mistake about that.... but seriously let me indulge you in this delicious journey of great eats and happy tummies.

To refresh ourselves and prepare us for the sumptuous dinner ahead, I had the best seller of all their drinks and it was a Grape Shake P144, I just have to taste this, not only because it was a best seller, I would believe that you would not find any other restaurant serving this beverage.

So it was a no brainer to definitely order this... and yes, it was refreshing, you can feel the bits and chunks of grapes with the skin of grapes sipping through your tongue, next time I come back, no doubt I will be having this again.

It was a refreshing sight and endearing scent that caught my attention when I saw this.. delicious Italian Pizza, it was a New York flavored pizza P295.00 with lots of meat, bell peppers and cheese topping on top of a crisp, crusty dough.  

Their pizzas are made fresh with every order, making sure only the freshest ingredients go to make you pizza eating experience your most memorable one yet.

Then off to salad, not just any salad but Buon Giorno's Special P218.00
A mix of the best Salad ingredients drizzled with well-revered house dressing.
Pescatore Alla Putanesca P308
a hefty serving of pasta and an assortment of seafood on spicy and peppery tomato sauce, what's nice about their pasta, they make their own YES! so every detail is carefully checked to provide their loyal customers the consistency of their pasta, specially made for you.
Canneloni Spinaci P 294.00
made with tender bits of chicken and mortadella ham rolled in sheets of spinach pasta smothered with tomato sauce and cheese.  Admittedly this is the first I have tasted such a dish and the verdict says its good, you can taste the fresh tomatoes, chicken and ham in every bite and oozing cheese to go with it.

Next up is one of my favorites Pollo E Funghi Risotto P302.00, the risotto (rice in english), was so perfectly done. complemented by the taste of the chicken, makes a very good meal perfect!.

This came as a surprise to me, as I have had bad experiences before with risottos from other restos, as they tend to serve it too mushy.

And the main attraction of the night tender Wagyu Beef with Shitake mushroom gravy.  As sinful as it can be, I gave in to the flesh.  And had quite a number of servings of the Wagyu Beef. 

Tender, soft, juicy just how Wagyu should be. Magnifico!

You just can't go wrong with Wagyu Beef, perfect for all your special occasions and family gatherings.
So what other way to end this fabulous Italian feast, none other than to serve a dessert feast fit for royalty, fit for you.
Apple Strudel P 168.00
a European pastry with a filling of apples, sugar and cinnamon.
Chocolate - Pistacio Sans Rival P207.00
as coveted as this dessert, it comes in layers of thin, buttery wafers drizzled with Pistachio nuts.
one of the best Sans Rival I have ever had in my life.
The Molten Chocolate Cake P 168.00
soft and moist cake literally with molten chocolate, I love this so much!

Thank you Buon Giorno! Cafe and Bistro for letting us have a taste of what is truly Italian.  Thanks also to Rockwell Land and Rockwell Business Center for bringing Buon Giorno! to the metro and let the Filipino have the best in Italian fine dining.  See you soon!! Buon Giorno! 

Buon Giorno
G/F Tower 1 West
Rockwell Business Center
Ortigas Ave., Pasig City
710-3515 / 5719092

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