Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cool off this hot summer with Magnolia Frozen Delights

Can you feel the heat?  It is definitely summer with temperatures rising and reaching 40 degrees in no time, perfect time to hit the beach and have some fun in the water.  But for those of us who are stuck in our day jobs and drying up in the heat of summer, (even the air-conditioning is giving up with the weather), there is always a way to cool down.

And this summer Magnolia showcases their line up of frozen delights, to keep our heads cool and to have a fun time this summer as well.  Think of it this way, summer is not about hot weather, it's just our excuse to dig in to Magnolia's frozen delights, would you agree?

Ice Cream on Stick (ICOS) dipped in chocolate dip that  comes in different colors  that will excite and  surprise the consumer.

Cool Bubblegum
Bubblegum ice cream on stick that leaves a slight color (blue) on the lips and tongue to excite the kids and kids at heart
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy ice cream on stick. Smells like cotton candy and tastes like cotton candy
Choco Loco
Chocolate ice cream on stick. It’s Chocolait  milk in a cool ice cream stick
Cool at P10.00 each
Ice Lolly
Quench your summer thirst and cool your hot summer days and nights with Magnolia Frozen Delights “Popsies”

Choco Cool
Chocolate flavored ice lolly… so cool so chocolatey!
Orange Chill
Orange flavored ice lolly, so refreshingly cool and tangy! Love the orange bite! 

Perfect at P10.00 only.

The Spinner - spinning through our hearts and soul, definitely something wonderful!

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate and peanut toppings filled into a sugar cone
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate and peanut toppings filled into a sugar cone

Tempting at P20.00


Sweetie Bites - yummy treats that will surely capture your hearts

Cookie Craze
For chocolate lovers, Cookie Craze is cookies ‘n cream at its best!
Cheesy Bliss
Cheese to the max, blissfully satisfying one’s cravings for a cheesy fulfillment.

Deliciously refreshing at P11.00

Go on, give in and be cool this summer with Magnolia Frozen Delights, available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Visit them online at

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