Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer is definitely here at California Berry

We were recently invited to a summer gathering with bloggers and friends, on a lazy hot Sunday afternoon.  But I'm happy why? because I'm going to cool off at California Berry!!  They have recently opened a new branch in SM Mezza in Sta. Mesa, just opposite SM City Sta. Mesa.  And it definitely is a treat!
When you think of California Berry, you only think of Yogurt right?  Good thing California Berry has stretched out their wings and offered their new pasta varieties -

Classic Spaghetti Bolognese P125 and Seafood Alfredo P145
the Cheesy Lasagna P145

All of their pasta selections were quite a treat, and yes pasta is heavy to the stomach, but my fellow bloggers daughter ate it all by herself, it shows how yummy it definitely is, but I was not able to taste their Pasta Carbonara, but it looked good, I will be back for that.

Also new on their menu is their nourishing Fresh Fruit blends, made only with the freshest fruits and yummy yogurt blended to a perfect mix of goodness. At only P95.00, it is definitely one treat you cannot resist.  With 5 flavorful blends to choose from:
  • Double Berry - strawberry, blueberry
  • BananaRama - kiwi, banana, mango
  • Mango Tango - mangoes, banana, peach
  • Flushot - strawberry, kiwi, orange
  • WhipItUp - your choice, your fruit, your blend, choose any 3 fruit

I got to taste Mango Tango and Double Berry, both were very fruity indeed. This is the healthy choice, fresh fruits with yogurt, you just cant go wrong with this.

Another treat California Berry is giving us this summer is and will definitely be a hit for all ages.

Presenting Ice Ice Baby P65.00 only!
Finely shaved ice with your choice of flavor, toppings and everything else you would like to have on it!! It tickles your taste buds and gives that delicious sensation, yes it is definitely summer!!

Even though it is summer time, it does not mean hot coffee is out.  Also featured in California Berry is not just any other coffee, but Organic Coffee.  Made with the finest grown organic coffee beans, you can be sure you're getting only nature's finest to your everyday coffee.

Sip on one now.

To know more of California Berry's new offerings, promos and branches, please visit HERE.

Don't forget to have a serving of their yummy and healthy frozen yogurt treat as well.

See you in California Berry soon!

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