Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rufo's Famous Tapa - a classic favorite

Rufo's Famous Tapa, your 24-hour Tapa place has been around for years, and their list of loyal customers keep growing and growing...
Thanks to their delicious tapa.

I have been itching to get back here since I had it a few months ago, since Rufo's famous tapa is not really near my side of town, I am always looking for restos serving tapas to lessen the crave, but in the end, it is still Rufo's that my heart wishes and what my stomach wants to churn on.

Rufo's famous tapa boasts of their famous line, " Sauce pa lang, Ulam Na!" and yes I would say that is definitely true.
Salted Egg and Tomato - P26.00
the perfect appetizer, to that much desired famous tapa.
And now the main event of the evening, Rufo's Famous Tapa - P 89.00
The famous "topsilog:" known to all Filipinos as the most famous set meal ever since the 80's comprising of "Tap" for tapa (beef strips), "Si" for Sinangag (fried garlic rice) and "Log" for itlog (egg).
This was freshly prepared so everything was smoking hot, and the aroma of the tapa has since then enveloped the store and made it more desirable. Oh of this writing I'm starting to think of going to Rufo's again. Hay, when will this craving end.  The sauce was to die for...
We also tried their liempo - P98.00 which was actually good, it was tender and like all liempos fatty, so if you're tying to lose some weight skip this and get tapa instead.
the chicken barbeque - P89.00 was a bit dry, even though it was smothered with ketchup and freshly cook and hot, this could still use some improvement so that the chicken is still juicy inside.

Overall, it was fun to be eating at Rufo's again, what's good about it is that you get your fix and you don't hurt your wallet, prices are very reasonable and best of all, cheap!!

Price range: P50 - P150

Rufo's Famous Tapa


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