Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wee Nam Kee - Singapore's best HCR Now in Manila

HCR is Hainanese Chicken Rice, in case you may not know.  It is one of the most sought after dish in the world and is always a bestseller among restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Restaurants in the Orient are sometimes ranked for how their HCR would taste, and here we have WEE NAM KEE, the best in Singapore now in the Philippines.

Wee Nam Kee, is already a household name in Singapore, and lucky for us we are their "first" store outside Singapore.  Yes we are lucky indeed, and look what they have in store for us.
Hainanese Chicken... as the saying goes the fatter the chicken the better it tastes, the juices that flow amongst the chicken is what makes the chicken ohh so delicious.
And what is HCR without shredded ginger sauce.
very delicious ginger sauce... a definite must dip with HCR. their mix of spices really brings out the taste of Hainanese Chicken, and  don't forget to go with Hainanese Chicken Rice, as of picture time, I forgot to take some photos of it, as I was already busy munching...pardon me.  But it was delicious!
Hainanese and Roasted Chicken... both are delicious, the ooze coming out is just so delectable, don't forget to dip in ginger sauce as it will  bring to your taste buds a nice combination of tender chicken meat and tastefully made ginger spices, yummy.
Cereal Shrimps, the cereal is good haha, and the shrimps are deep fried to a crisp, good thing about it is, its not oily even if deep fried.  By the way they are fried to a crisp so if you don't mind, munch on the shell as well...  if not you can always peel them off
Baby Kailan, was perfectly steamed to a crisp, topped off with garlic bits.
really tasty and healthy as well.

The Dumplings Soup, sad we were not able to try this as I love dumplings so much!! maybe next time I will get you, so be prepared for some punishment....hihihi.

Top left photo: Richard and Irene of
Bottom photo: Mr. Junior Wee, of Wee Nam Kee

Overall my food experience at WEE NAM KEE is awesome.  The food is great, but since it was a Pre-opening food taste it was bitin... and most of the menu was not available.  I would do another blog post for WEE NAM KEE, when I get the chance to try it again, hopefully soon.  WEE NAM KEE  is now open to serve you.

Price Range - P200 up

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City

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